How to set wifi channel on Technicolor XB6 ?

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Re: How to set wifi channel on Technicolor XB6 ?

For anybody else reading here, just wanted to point out that Rogers provides a turnkey system, that tries to simplify the complexity of managing Wi-Fi as much as possible.  It provides convenient tools (through the Ignite WiFi Hub) where you can manage your in-home network, devices, parental controls, etc. through a central dashboard, from anywhere, using either a mobile app or a web portal.  For most people, it works great, and I have family members who use those tools in their homes and who like using those tools.


However, there are also those who want (or require) more fine-grained control and/or who don't want to use Rogers' Ignite WiFi Hub to manage their network... and that is what this discussion is about.  They would rather manage their network through the Ignite gateway's management UI... and when the Ignite WiFi Hub is in control, those configuration options get greyed out... and they are frustrated that they cannot take control back.