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mms over wifi

I'm Here A Lot
I'm finding that no mms', either voicemail 2 texts, or regular mms' are downloading when I'm connected to wifi.

OS there an appropriate setting that needs to be changed? Is it the carrier or device manufacturer that doesn't allow this?

Re: mms over wifi

I've Been Here Awhile

Disabling wifi calling fixed the problem. 

Re: mms over wifi

I've Been Around

What happened to MMS over Wi-Fi?


Hi, I recently bought a Note 10 Plus and I can't send or receive MMS over Wi-Fi, I always have to turn my Data on and have it gobble up my precious MB. My previous phone was a Pixel XL and I had it set to use Wi-Fi. Have I been screwed by switching to the Note 10 Plus or does anyone know if the settings can be changed?

Re: mms over wifi

Good afternoon @Dethtung!


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Do you happen to still have your Pixel XL? I'm curious to see you swap SIMs back into your Pixel XL if the issue will persist or not.


In this way, we can figure out if it's a device-specific issue or an issue within our network.




Re: mms over wifi

I cannot open vidoes or photos sent from iphones to my android. Is that normal?

Re: mms over wifi

Hey @Jannacooper77!


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Sorry to hear you're having issues with MMS! Can you provide us with a bit more information? Is this over WiFi vs Data? Is it occurring in a specific app? What are the software versions and models of the devices being used? Have you tried clearing the messaging app cache in the settings?