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mms over wifi

I'm here a lot
I'm finding that no mms', either voicemail 2 texts, or regular mms' are downloading when I'm connected to wifi.

OS there an appropriate setting that needs to be changed? Is it the carrier or device manufacturer that doesn't allow this?

Re: mms over wifi



Thanks for reaching out to the tech support and for updating our Community.


The MMS messages must need a data channel to send/receive, as we established earlier. So when there is no cellular data available, the MMS messages should not work until the device connects to a WiFi network. However, if you can send/receive MMS messages without a WiFi connection, then it’s intriguing. 


As for SMS, if they don’t work until the device connects to a WiFi network means the RCS features are in use on the device. The RCS also needs WiFi or data to work. 


Please keep us apprised. 




Re: mms over wifi

I've been around

STILL and issue..., I have a Note 9, MMS worked fine on wifi with data, just a week ago I combined accounts (only) "upgraded" to a new more expensive data plan and many issues...from no text (sms or MMS) to just sms data on, wifi on or no mms with wifi..only let me get this straight before spending yet another infinite black hole worth of time waiting/speaking with Rogers (actually the techs always seem to be pretty good...csrs on the other hand...whoa!) 



Re: mms over wifi

I've been here awhile
Hi, just a quick update. Knock on wood things seem to be working a lot better lately. I still ran into one of my texts not sending yesterday, bit for the most part they are working. Picture messaging is working as it normally doesv also.

Just a note on the sending/receiving pictures without a data plan. It technically does use "data", however because we don't have a data plan but we do have picture messages included in our plan we don't get charged the data. I'm not sure how it's still managed on a technical level.

Mein thing is that you just have to have cellular data turned on on your phone. Wifi doesn't make a difference
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