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Win back team Scam

I've been around

Got a call from a win back team and they gave me a good offer, “almost too good to be true”.
The sent over the wrong color and memory of the iphone, called multiple times and the agents left multiple messages for the winback team. No luck. Eventually I gave up and the offer was good to miss out on…
Fast forward, i got my first bill and it was 35$ more than the win back team had told me. Even worse than the regular offer somehow. Called again and the agent left a message for the winback team.
Biggest scam ever, specifically that the win back team can not be reached.
I cant even cancel now because i would have to payoff the wrong iphone they sent.
Horrible experience.


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Re: Win back team Scam


Hi @Moe56,


Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm really sorry to hear it wasn't a very positive one. :disappointed_face:


By any chance, did the Winback team clearly document the offer in your account notes? If you'd like for us to take a closer look, we can certainly do so. Just send us a PM @CommunityHelps to get started. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Also, when you complete a new wireless activation or upgrade to a new device, you have 30 days to return the device (via the same avenue in which it was received) if you are not satisfied. Once the return is approved, the applicable charges will be credited and your upgrade eligibility will be reset.


To be eligible for a refund, customers must:

- Return purchased equipment in "like new" condition, including all original parts, components and packaging
- Remove all device passwords and account locks, where applicable
- Provide their original proof of purchase.


Thank you,




Re: Win back team Scam

I've been here awhile

We had an offer as well and we signed up 7 numbers and they said they would waive the 50 CAD registration fee and that numbers would be two 45 and five 40 per month plus two iphones each 50 after tax monthly so total of 427 monthly. Then I log in to the app and none of that is applied. And no one to reach to return the phone they said they'll call us back but nothing happened. And FIRST bill that came is almost 1400. 

Re: Win back team Scam

Greetings @Saaaaaaaaal!


We'd be happy to take a closer look at your account to get this matter figured out for you! Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.




Re: Win back team Scam

I've been around


I called them  almost 1000times and every time they say that they put a note for the win back team to reach me but the win back team never reached. I was a happy freedom customer, the win back team reached out to me and told me that the bill will be 80 dollars INCLUDING TAXES AND EVERYTHING and when I AM RECEIVING THE BILL IT SAYS 96 DOLLARS.


I am literally going to file a complaint now. It's too much.


Re: Win back team Scam

Good Day @soumyaberi22


Thanks for contributing to the conversation and congrats on your first post with us! 🙌 We're happy to have you on board with us! As a consumer and former student myself, I completely understand the importance of staying within your budget. 


I noticed we have since connected with you via PM. We'd be more than happy to continue there!


Looking forward to hearing from you!




Re: Win back team Scam

I am facing same issue with the "Winback team". Helen from the Winback team called me and offered me a package on 5 lines in march,23. So far every month i am over billed and i have to call in customer service to get it fixed. But shockingly their customer service people are only hired to say "Sorry i will escalate it to win back" and winback never reaches out again. For 4 months i am facing billing overages and i have to deal with one of the worst and clueless customer service who have no idea how to fix an issue the only team to fix the issue are the WInback team. And the WIN BACK TEAM NEVER CALLS YOU BACK. They are so secret that even their own inter departments are not allowed to communicate. Out side customers cannot communicate with them. The only way you get a connection with win back team is when and if they decide to reach out to you. 


Re: Win back team Scam

Hello @aunshakeel,


A warm welcome to the community and thank you for posting your issue. 🙂


I'm sorry to hear that after several tries, you've still been unable to get back in touch with our Winback folks to have the offer properly applied. 


Just to clarify, was the offer clearly documented on your account for reference? If so, kindly send us a PM @CommunityHelps so we can look into this for you and possibly have the matter escalated further. Having you call in every month to get your billing corrected is certainly not ideal and doesn't make for a great customer experience. 😞


Thank you,



Re: Win back team Scam

Hi Yasmine,
Apparently your job is to ask the same question to everyone here. But to answer it Yes your winbqck team rep (her name was Helen.) Ensured me that the account was setup properly and gave me verbal converdation that i will never have to call customer service or face any issues. But guess what one week later i had to call and solution specialist kept saying they cannot do anything as winback team memeber didnot setup properly. Later for 2 months i was being told that my account was having fraud activities on it. Guess what after 2 months i found out there were no fraud activities but rogers own departments were trying to fix the issue while their fraud department was flagging it and not letting it happen. I am still having issues and nothing is resolved yet.

Re: Win back team Scam

I've been here awhile
Five months in and still running around rogers "customer solution specialist" who cannot offer a simple solution. All they have to offer is information which i have by hearted by now. Honestly now i feel pity for people working for them and for people who have to go through such a dis-oriented customer service

Re: Win back team Scam

I fell for their winback scam too!! I was supposed to get 300$ credit to my account after a few months but it never happened. Their costumer service is clueless or maybe this is just their trick to make you give up! I cannot believe a big company like this is doing such a scam and getting away with it. Joining back Rogers was the worst decision I made.

Re: Win back team Scam

Greetings @Zaraaa12


Welcome to the Communtiy and congrats on your first post! We're elated to have you on board with us. 🙌 I'm sorry to hear what occurred. I can assure you this is most certainly not the type of experience we want you to be having. Offers can take up to 2-3 billing cycles before they are reflective on your account.  Has your issue been resolved since you've last posted?


We'd be more than happy to have a look into this for you on our end. In the event that you still require assistance, feel free to send us a message at @CommunityHelps. To find out how to send us a private message, check out this blog.


Looking forward to hearing from you,



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