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Reminded Why I Left Last Time ... Self Serve Installation

I've been here awhile

I'm starting to be reminded as to why I left Rogers as a Internet provider in 2021 ... the bill never reflects all the discussions you had with customer service reps.

I decided to come back to Rogers after I was offered a deal from Bell but Rogers came up with a better deal.  During the discussions by phone with the customer service rep, they mentioned that the $39 self installation fee would be charged during month 1 and then refunded on the bill for month 2.  In true Rogers fashion, I was billed for the self serve during month 1 but there was no refund in month 2.

I contacted Rogers by phone (chat was not responding on my second try) and they indicated there "was no record of that".

I left in 2021 after being a customer since 1987 because Rogers was going to increase my monthly bill by 25% and the company I went with had great customer service and clear cut billing.

Here we go again ...


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Re: Reminded Why I Left Last Time ... Self Serve Installation


Greetings @bugfan68 !


Welcome back to Rogers and thank you for sharing your billing concerns with the rest of the Community. We appreciate your long-standing tenure with our company and thank you for your decision to return. 🙂


I realize that it's not pleasant to receive billed charges for something that you thought was going to be free. We'd definitely love to take a look into this for you to see what transpired and hopefully, get this turned around for you!


Kindly send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can investigate this matter further. 


Thanks so much,




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