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Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

I've been here awhile

Looking for a credit against Ignite since my condo has a bulk deal and TV is included in condo fees


I am wondering if anyone has been able to get Ignite and not pay twice for TV?


My condo has Rogers "popular" cable include in the fees.  I also have Rogers phone and internet as a personal pay addon.


I phoned and tried to move to Ignite to get the single interface for TV/Netflix and the improved wifi but was told I would have to pay full price for the Ignite package with similar TV even though I already pay for the TV portion via my condo fees.


Seems silly and blatantly unfair that they can't provide some form of credit for the already paid for TV portion.  I talked with the 2nd level manager at the call center but was basically told too bad so sad ....cant do anything for you unless you get your condo to renegotiate a bulk condo deal......doesnt make sense at all for something they could relatively easily accommodate with a billing adjustment/special price  similar to my current situation. 


Any thoughts/input?



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Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount


Welcome to the Rogers Community @kemstone! Thank you for your post.


I understand your desire to benefit from a reduction of your cable services costs.


Have you had a chance to bring this up to the attention of your condominium association management?

There may be something they could do by reaching out to us, in order to see if a new offer could be negotiated for your building.


I completely get the logistics behind a monthly adjustment towards the cable portion of the bill, if the condo fee includes the Digital TV Popular package. However, I'm afraid that if you're the only one asking for an exception, we would have to offer your the current promotions applicable to your area for this particular service.


Let us know!



Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

I've been here awhile

I am not trying to reduce by cable costs....I am just trying to avoid paying twice for them if I were to get Ignite.


Going to my condo board and asking to renegotiate isnt a viable near term solution.  We have approx 18 months still left on the bulk agreement and I am not certain whether I can get them to move it up on the priority list.  Even if I do, I am not certain they have a plan to renew as people are looking for more choice in TV given the changes in technology.  


It is Rogers who should come forward with a creative pricing approach to transition people to Ignite in a way that provides an incentive, or at least makes it easy, vs motivate them to look at alternatives elsewhere.  This is not a technical issue it is a billing issue.


As stated I currently have 3 Rogers services and can do so and not pay twice for cable, I just dont have Ignite(remember the service you are pushing bigtime) .  You can solve this via pricing adjustment I am sure.  A suggestion might be current bill plus x$ for an Ignite upcharge given the additional value.  I am willing to pay some extra but definitely not double for TV.


I would like to continue to be the promoter of Rogers services but if you cant come up with some form of transitional pricing approach then I will definitely rethink my choices in the future for the various Rogers accounts in our family.

Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

Greetings @kemstone!


Bulk Account Discounts allow our customers to take advantage of some seriously great deals that they may otherwise not have access to if they were individuals in a household. This collective agreement takes away the hassle of having to negotiate on your own terms whenever a promotion has finished.


I understand your frustrations here but we cannot simply change the terms of this agreement on the fly. Your condo board has to renegotiate with us.


If residents at your condo value being able to upgrade to the newest technology as it becomes available, I highly recommend pushing for your condo board to renegotiate as soon as possible.




Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

I've been around

Too bad Rogers... my condo also has a Rogers bulk account and I know a number of owners are not interested in upgrading as most are snow birds and retired. However I am interested and it is too bad you can't come up with a solution as per the above client's suggestions.  You could do better-- I am sure.

M. Williams

Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

I've been here awhile
Our board of directors tried to negotiate however little did they know we also negotiating with bell. Turns out bell gave out building at a lower rate with fibe Gigabyte Without increasing our maint fees. Go bell.

Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

I've been around

My condo has negotiated a deal for the high definition package not IGNITE. The high definition package will be included as part of my maintenance fees.  I currently subscribe to IGNITE. Can Rogers and the board agree to charge the tenants in my position a small premium to keep IGNITE. It seems unfair that if I continue with IGNITE I will have to pay in excess of $100 per month more that if switched to the bulk package.

Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

Good day, @Azaad6!


Thanks for joining us in the community and for voicing your concerns! Hopefully, this message finds you safe and well.  🙂


Just to clarify, if you receive a bulk offer for your cable services included with your building's maintenance fees, this means that the services included are negotiated through your building owner.


Your best bet would be to speak to your building owner to see if and when the current bulk offer can be renegotiated and if it is possible to include any additional or alternative services to better suit your needs.


I hope this helps! 



Re: Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

I've been here awhile

Unfortunately most of  the channels available are sports, and one of the services is a land-line  Let me use the money Telus takes and allot it to my choice of Telus services.

I guarantee I would be doubling what I  pay now

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