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Rogers Bulk Condo Package Duplicate Billing

I've been here awhile

My building is on a bulk package. I moved into my condominium in 2018. I knew the building had a package agreement with Rogers but was told by a rogers rep that it only included cable and not internet. So I was billed separately for internet from the time I moved in to November 2023. That's when I found out through a chance conversation with a neighbour that internet is also included. I have paid over $3500 in excess billing. Rogers repeatedly put me on hold for hours, tried to blame others and promised me return phonecalls that never come. I see on this forum that others have had similar experience. Mistakes happen. Rogers needs to reimburse the people that ovepaid. If you had similar experiences, please reply to this post.


Re: Rogers Bulk Condo Package Duplicate Billing

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Marion4 : These bulk accounts should have a dedicated team (or person) responsible for your building.  As such, you should have called that number (obtained from your building management) and they would have advised what is include and not included in your bulk agreement.  I'm not sure how it works in your building, however, the bills should have included the bulk agreement features/billing amount and credits, along with anything you wanted on top of that. There should have been one bill AFAIK.


Did you somehow negotiate a second/separate bill?  That should not have been done since the rep should have seen that your location was on a bulk agreement and they should not have been able to generate a second account for the bulk agreement address.


It would be good to get additional details on what you did in 2018, what address you gave, etc. and whether you had a "separate" bill.  Rogers will sometimes provide a credit if they made a mistake, however, that credit usually only extends for some number of months, not 5-6 years.  It is the responsibility of the customer to notice any incorrect billing in a reasonable amount of time - a month or two for example. What happened after November 2023 regarding your bills, etc?


You may wish to PM the mods on this forum by clicking on @CommunityHelps  when logged in and sending them a message - although I can't be certain they can help with bulk accounts.  

Re: Rogers Bulk Condo Package Duplicate Billing

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Resident Expert

@Marion4 : One item I forgot to mention is that your Condo contract or associated documentation should outline what is included in the maintenance fees - like water, electricity, heating, security, etc. The Rogers inclusions should have been delineated there.

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