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Charged a 60$ Set Up Fee After Being Told it Would be Waived

I've been around

So I looked at my bill and noticed I was charged 60$ for a “one time set up fee” when I was told that it would be fully waived by the agent who had to put through my order because the online self serve portal wasn’t working every time I had attempted to order the new phone and apply for the new plan. The agent said there was a note on my account for the fee to be waived. What was even more confusing is that I have a 20$ financing credit for the plan I chose and yet I am being charged 36$ a month for the phone which also doesn’t make sense. Why are agents telling me it will be waived when I had applied for my new phone and phone plan when I set up the device myself I didn't go into a store to do it, and I used the self serve portal online originally to apply for the phone. The customer service agent on the phone only assisted me because the online portal wasnt working for the few weeks I had tried to apply for the new plan. It feels like I was scammed into something that promised to be significantly cheaper than my previous phone plan. I truly feel like I shouldn't be charged a set up fee when I never went into rogers to set up my phone whatsoever. If I knew that this would happen I would have gone to a cheaper phone company. Did this happen to anyone else?


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Re: Charged a 60$ Set Up Fee After Being Told it Would be Waived

Thank you for joining the Rogers Community, @Deann


We are grateful you took the time to let us know, so we can investigate what happened and rectify the problem.


Were you able to get your concerns addressed since you posted? If it's not the case, Please send us a message @CommunityHelps to allow us to access your account and take a deeper look into this.


If you're not sure how to send us a private message, click here


Thanks for the opportunity to help you resolve this!



Re: Charged a 60$ Set Up Fee After Being Told it Would be Waived

I've been around
I spent over an hour yesterday on the “chat” going in circles regarding the issue of being sold a plan that would include the activation fee being waived!! I got my bill & $60x2 was on the bill. I expressly told them I wanted to CANCEL EVERYTHING - they kept asking me to hold for 3-4 minutes while they LOOKED INTO it. After an hour with the rep promising she was going to cancel the $60 x2 fees & tax after 90 minutes on the phone - I said I could not hold any longer. They did NOT reverse the charges all they did was redo the bill trying to justify the charges- my advice steer clear of signing with Rogers!!
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