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Can I request a cheque for a credit balance on active account?

I'm here a lot

I was told my activation fees would be waived but it could take 2-3 bills. So when I was charged for them on my first bill ($270 total in activation fees for 4 lines), I had no choice but to pay it. Of course I can't just pay the plans only, otherwise I'd screw my credit by leaving the leftover amount past due. Now this sets up a frustrating dynamic which I didn't ask for or agree to. For one, it's been 3 bills and they STILL haven't been credited. I called and the lady said "no it's not just 2-3 bills it can take... it's 2-3 months..and it will be the 3 month mark in about 20 more days".


Leaving aside whether that's true or not.. Let's say the $270 credit is finally applied either automatically, or if I have to call yet again to have it done manually. 


Can I request this $270 be refunded directly to my chequing account on file? Or receive a cheque for it by mail? I don't want it to be on my account as a "credit balance". I never agreed to do that! Why make me pay it to begin with!?


Otherwise, it's insane that I essentially have to fork over and temporarily loan Rogers $270, and then when they "give it back" to me, they STILL keep it within their grasp on the Rogers account within their system, rather than fully "giving it back" aka refunding to my actual banking account. All for a bunch of fees that were supposed to be waived to begin with! Why not just waive them from the very beginning or 1st bill!


I'm fully aware the $270 credit balance can go towards paying future bills but I never agreed to that. I'm tight on money to begin with, and that $270 back in my account for spending on groceries and other necessities is far more suitable to me rather than in the pockets of a multi-billion dollar company.



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Re: Can I request a cheque for a credit balance on active account?


Good day @rogque,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for posting about your situation! I completely understand your desire to make the most of the funds available to you.


While it is possible to obtain a refund of a credit balance on an active account, it can take a moment before the cheque is mailed to your billing address. Hence why, we often recommend you to wait until the following invoice is generated to prevent you from having to make a payment before you get the refund.


How much is your regular monthly fee for the 4 lines, compared to the $270 amount you're expecting?


If you got the confirmation that the credits were applied and you would like us to see if we can initiate the refund process, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps.


For information on how our private messaging system works, check out this blog.



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