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Unable to make a payment via MyRogers app

I'm here a lot

I tried making a payment on my Rogers account using the Rogers app on my iPhone. Funny, the app won't accept my card info (CVC code specifically). I hop onto my desktop Windows machine, log into Rogers and try to make a payment with my Visa debit card. Now I'm getting a "It looks like you made a recent payment for this amount using the same payment method" message. I check my bank account, nothing has come out. I know from past experience that the payment always shows up on my online bank statement within a minute or two but like I said, nothing in showing there. I try another browser, same message about recent payment made. My bill deadline is tomorrow the 31st, and I know paying through my bank account would take a few days for it to be applied to my bill. What do I do now??


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Re: Unable to make a payment via MyRogers app


Hey @Infinitrium


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😊 I hope you're staying safe and sound. That is certainly not the type of experience I want you to be having and I know how inconvenient this can be. Are you able to verify that the funds have been taken out and have impacted your account balance with us since you reached out to us? Has this transpired before? Do you have the latest updated version of the app? Also, if I may suggest, you can sign up for pre-authorized payment as well. Looking forward to hearing from you. 




Re: Unable to make a payment via MyRogers app

Hi, it's been a while the bill payment function stopped working via my rogers app. Every time display a message " we will fix soon". Any idea when it will be fixed?

Re: Unable to make a payment via MyRogers app

Hello, @Gardenia3


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I know how convenient it is to be able to make a payment via the app. We definitely want to help you get this working.


  • Do you have any issues making a payment via the website?
  • Have you tried any troubleshooting steps such as clearing the app cache data on your device or disabling and then enabling the app in the Google Play store?


We look forward to hearing from you.



Re: Unable to make a payment via MyRogers app

I've been here awhile
I have the same issue. Put in payment info, "something went wrong, we will fix soon". Been like this for months.
- I can make payments via the website (less convenient)
- I have tried uninstalling, disabling, clearing cache/data, everything.

Re: Unable to make a payment via MyRogers app

Hello, @Longval066.


Thank you for joining this discussion, and it's disappointing that one of the most used features of the app is not working for you. 


I appreciate the troubleshooting you have done so far. The error message indicates that the communication is being blocked after you have input the payment info. 


Can you provide details about your device and the default browser? Do you have any browser add-ons like pop-ups or ad blockers? Is Chrome enabled on your device?


If Chrome is not installed/enabled, please install/enable it and try paying the bill again. 


If Chome is already installed and enabled, then see if you can temporarily disable the add-ons on all of your browsers before attempting to pay the bill. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 



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