MyRogers App Payment History Option

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MyRogers App Payment History Option

Unable to find payments made in app:

I find it very frustrating, & a little unbelievable for a communications company, that payment history is not available in the app.


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Re: MyRogers App Payment History Option

Good day, @Dmk6!


Thanks for joining us here in the Rogers community and congrats on this being your very first post!  🙂 


Thank you for utilizing our app, your feedback is invaluable to us!! Although, the option to view your 'payment history' is not yet available through the app, you can log in via our website at to view this info.


Also, you can see any previous payments you've made by accessing your invoices through the 'Billing' tab on the app. For any payments made AFTER the last invoice issued date, you'll need to go directly to the website as mentioned above. **Please note, credit card payments should post to your account immediately. Payments made electronically through your bank account may take anywhere between 2-5 business days to post to your account.


Kindest of regards,