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Set Bedtime Schedule Using the MyWiFi App

You can choose a start and end time for your bedtime schedule, plus the days of the week that you want it to take effect. During these periods, your device will be disconnected automatically from your home internet network. It’s an easy way to ensur...

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Run a Speed Test Using the MyWiFi App

Run a speed test to check the current speed to your home and the speed to the device you’re using. The speed test only measures the speed on the device on which the app is installed and the speed test is run. To run a speed test on other devices, yo...

MyWiFi_Speed_1.png MyWiFi_Speed_2.png

Change WiFi Password Using the MyWiFi App

You can change your WiFi password easily using the MyWiFi App.   Sign in to the MyWiFi App. Tap My WiFi. ​ Tap the WiFi network you want to change. Tap on the WiFi password field and enter your new password. To finish, tap Save when prompted....

Manage Guest Network Using the MyWiFi App

You can set up and manage your guest WiFi network using the MyWiFi App.     Sign in to the MyWiFi App.   Select the My WiFi tile. Tap on your guest network From here, you can modify the network details. Select Guest WiFi network name to chan...

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