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Can’t sign into Ignite HomeConnect

Trying to sign into the Ignite HomeConnectTM app but getting an error message? Try these troubleshooting steps in sequence to solve the problem. If you’re signed in but having trouble within Ignite HomeConnect, check out our troubleshooting pages fo...

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Troubleshoot issues with the Ignite HomeConnect app

Having trouble with Ignite HomeConnectTM? These troubleshooting methods should solve most common issues. Note that the steps may vary slightly by device. Notes: How you complete the following steps will vary by device. Reach out to the manufactur...

How to test your WiFi connections using Ignite HomeConnect

With Ignite InternetTM, you can enjoy strong, secure, and dependable WiFi throughout your home backed by our Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee. Use Ignite HomeConnectTM if you're experiencing an issue or simply want to optimize your WiFi connect...

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Remove Devices from Ignite HomeConnect

No longer need a device connected to your Ignite HomeConnectTM? It only takes a few steps to remove a device and its history from your Ignite HomeConnect account. Ignite HomeConnect is available exclusively for Rogers Internet customers with the ...

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