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How to Bridge your Hitron CODA 4582 Modem

Bridging your modem allows you to use a third-party router and disables the modem’s Wi-Fi capability. Follow these steps to bright the Hitron CODA 4582 modem.   Open a web browser and visit in using the following credentials: Usern...

CODA4582.png Basic Settings.png Bridge.png

Where to Place Your Modem

Where you place your modem makes a significant impact on the quality of your internet speeds and Wi-Fi connection. When finding a spot for your modem, follow these tips below for the best results.   Choose a central location, close to w...

How To: Set Up Your Rogers Modem and WiFi

Need help setting up your Rogers modem and WiFi? Follow along with this video for a quick and easy setup!   You can find more How To videos on our YouTube channel here: Rogers How-To Videos

Diagnosing Slow Internet & Basic Internet Troubleshooting

  PROBLEM: I can’t connect to the internet from any of the computers on my network. How can I troubleshoot before calling in for help?   ANSWER: The problem most likely lies with either your modem or the configuration of your router (if you have one...

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