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View Connected Devices Using the MyWiFi App

You can see your connected devices at a glance on the My devices screen. You can also see devices that are not connected to the network. Devices are identified by device type or your personalized label. You can tap on any device to see more details....

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Sign in to the MyWiFi App

The Rogers MyWiFi app enables Rogers Internet customers to easily manage and optimize their home WiFi. Customers can control their home WiFi from a smartphone; from setting bedtime WiFi schedules, to sharing WiFi passwords and troubleshooting in a f...


Share Your WiFi Password Using the MyWiFi App

You can share your WiFi password with friends and family instantly with the MyWiFi App. That means no more digging around for the paper you wrote it down on, or calling in to verify your password.   Share the Password for the Network to Which You’re...

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