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Rogers Ignite 300 Breaks Down Everyday

I've been around

My rogers Wi-Fi ignite 300 goes frequently with a zero Wi-Fi network for few minutes to almost 1 -2 hours off at night. i changed it to 300 from 500 earlier as they stated that it will be more than enough for 6 devices to work smoothly. i am regretting as sometimes important tasks gets interrupted. any suggestions as what to do? should i get it changed again. i am not a very tech savvy person please explain in a layman language. simple you know thanks.




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Re: Rogers Ignite 300 Breaks Down Everyday

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@danny73 the first step to solving the problem is determining whether this is a cable signal problem or a wifi problem.  When the wifi goes down, do any ethernet connected devices stay connected to the internet?


1.  If yes, this is a wifi problem of some type;

2.  If no, then you have a cable problem of some type. 


If you know that you lose all internet connectivity, then the best time to call tech support is during a service outage.  With the service out, tech support can attempt to determine if this is a "one of" situation or if other customers are affected as well.  The scope of the problem will determine what level of field techs are required to find and hopefully fix the situation.  You might see a contractor tech for the first tech visit.  That would indicate that tech support believes the problem is most likely limited to your service.  If so, hopefully the tech locates and fixes the problem.  If not, don't hesitate to call tech support if your continue to see service outages.  


Are you able to determine what modem you currently have?  The modem model number will be located on the back of the modem or possibly on the bottom of the modem.  The various modems are shown here:


The Hitron CGN3 and CODA-4582 modems have their model number located on the back of the modem.  The XB6, and now similar looking XB7 model numbers are located on the bottom of the modem. 

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