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Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

I've been here awhile

Jan 22-2022 over the last 3 days i have had intermittent dropped Ignite internet and TV. About every 5-10 minutes and lasting about 10-30 seconds. i have restarted modem, TV box, all units connected to modem. Tech support has restarted modem remotely and could not find a problem. I have run packet dropping tracking and show:


Ping statistics for

    Packets: Sent = 3600, Received = 3544, Lost = 56 (1% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

    Minimum = 4ms, Maximum = 2974ms, Average = 20ms


any ideas what to try next? 


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Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

I've been around

The same thing is happening to me. Started Jan 21. I've been running ping in a window on my computer for a while and this is the "pattern" of the 20-second disconnects so far:


  • 5:03
  • 5:16
  • 5:21
  • 5:29
  • 5:37
  • 5:39
  • 5:58
  • 6:07
  • 6:15
  • 6:17

Other details:

  • The modem has been restarted (twice since it started)
  • It happens with direct Ethernet connection (not a wifi issue)
  • I've tried alternate DNS servers, makes no difference
  • Nothing's been touched with the physical setup of the equipment (power, coax, network cabling) in all the time I've had Rogers internet (over a year)
  • Ignite TV is also affected

I can't seem to get through to Rogers support on chat this evening but this needs to be sorted before I start working again on Monday as these disruptions mess up my Zoom calls badly. Any ideas on things to try for troubleshooting?

Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV


Hello @dgiesbrecht @amckie,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Intermittent connections are certainly not the experience we want you to have, we'd be happy to assist you with this. It’ll be super helpful if you can answer a couple of quick questions.

-    Was the modem relocated recently? Was any new equipment added such as routers, repeaters, splitters, or amplifiers?
-    Is there any visible damage to the Rogers modem, Coax Cable, or Ethernet Cable?
-    Do you notice issues mostly during a specific time of day or is it random?
-    Have you tried a factory reset on the modem?



We look forward to hearing from you.



Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

I've been here awhile

no recent equipment changes or additions. i moved the modem briefly closer to the main TV, but i have been wired on the computer for all tests and no changes. i have checked all equipment carefully  re visible damage and ensuring tight connectors, and nothing visible or any changes to performance. i have rebooted all attached equipment multiple times - tech has reset the modem remotely and i have rest many times using unplug, reset using rogers ignite app and using the hole on the back held down for 1 minute. no effect - i don't know of any other way to reset. i still get dropped packets on 1 hour runs ranging from 41 to 94, and seems every 5-10 minutes there is an interruption both TV and internet - i have been running meetings last 2 days and used 4 gigs of cellphone data already as a result - i can't keep this up. there is no discernible pattern of dropping when using different equipment on the system or day or evening or when running tests or not.

Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

Good day @dgiesbrecht,



Thank you for the detailed information! We can certainly open a ticket to investigate this further.


Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started on this. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries click here.



Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

I plan to stick around

I too am suffering thru these periodic signal losses as well. In my case the system goes offline for near an hour.

Here in my apt all the tenants were near forced into going to Ignite after the landlord upgraded his account with Rogers & the old Technicolor receivers were removed.

So now for the last 2 1/2 mths I got this nuiscance of signal dropouts happening periodically at any time of day ( but mostly in the evening.

A call to my Rogers building major accounts rep gets me nowhere, she suggested that contacting tech support when these issues happen gets me little as well as when this happens the online tech rep does a system check & finds no error with either the hardware or software.

So what is going on here?? I can't go back to the legacy transmission method, I'm stuck with this inferior quality system that is proving itself to be just junk.

I can understand the firmware doing an update ( just like the technicolor firmware did) that took approx 10 mins to complete but ........for the love of hour??!!

This unacceptable



Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

Good day, @55trucker !


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums, and thank you for your post!


We appreciate you sharing your recent experience with the community, hopefully, we can get to the bottom of it! I know these types of issues can be a downer. 😞


If possible, can you please go through our troubleshooting guide here and post the results so that we can further analyze the data provided? 


Much appreciated!



Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

I plan to stick around

Thx for the response......


the link you provided & where it goes to for diagnostics has no bearing in this matter,

we're dealing with Ignite & tv only, nothing hard wired.

Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

Hello, @55trucker 


Thank you for the update.


It is strange that the TV is going down for an hour when updates are being done. How often are you noticing the service goes down for that long? 


Usually, updates are done during off peak hours between 2 AM and 5 AM and it shouldn't go down for an hour at a time. 


  • Is your internet working fine during the time that the TV service goes down? 
  • What do you see on the TV screen while this is happening?  
  • Do you have more than one Ignite TV box? If yes, does it happen on all the boxes at the same time?

We look forward to hearing from you.



Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

I plan to stick around

Come on people..there is no internet involved, it's just Ignite tv.

A technician came in 2 days ago & replaced the modem/router. This is not a firmware update situation, as of yet the issue hasn't repeated itself, at the moment I have to wait to see if the signal drops out again.


Re: Intermittent dropped ignite internet and TV

Greetings @55trucker


Thanks for the clarification. 👌 As our Ignite TV service runs via our Ignite Internet service, we just wanted to ensure that this issue isn't also impacting your internet connectivity as well. We know how imperative it is to ensure you stay connected with all your services.


We're elated to hear that a technician was able to come out. Have you noticed any other signal drops since the visit? I'm hoping that the issue has since been resolved.


Looking forward to hearing from you,



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