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Impossible to get tech to install fiber to home

I've been here awhile

This is my 5th time waiting on technician to come to install fiber to house… first one was nice warned us we don’t have fiber to house connected so we need to get another guy to come n run a temporary line to house. The dude selling me fiber internet at least should have told me or something.

Now stuck just waiting on somebody to show up to install fiber this is beyond ridiculous…

Don’t get me started on clueless customer support that constantly transfers you to different departments to not deal with you… comin like I’m your first time customer n this is what I gotta go through???

If bell fiber line was connected to my house I wouldn’t have bothered with Rogers..

My wife needs to work n so do I this is beyond crazy how bad Roger support n technician are. The last dude even lied telling I refused to do temp line on notes guess what? He didn’t even call or show up n NEVER TALKED TO THE GUY… who are you guys hiring



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Re: Impossible to get tech to install fiber to home


Hello, @Tiagu_g.


Thank you for joining our Community and posting your concerns about fibre installation. We sincerely apologize for the extreme frustration you've experienced with getting fibre internet installed at your home.


The issue could be related to fibre installation contractors not receiving consent to extend the fibre from the municipal boulevard to the entry point to the house at the time of initial construction.


We can investigate the status of your installation. Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. We detailed more info about our private messaging in this blog





Re: Impossible to get tech to install fiber to home

I've been here awhile
Hi good news they installed a temp fibre line to house n setup my ignite finally. I’m guessing it’s still cold n ground is frozen in our area to run direct line. The only thing is when I’m connected directly to Ethernet my ps5 upload speed shows around 25mb upload n 300download. Is that because it’s a temporary line? I did get fibre 2.5gig

Re: Impossible to get tech to install fiber to home

Hey @Tiagu_g ,


Thanks for your post! 🙂


It being a temporary line, should not be a factor in the quality of the service you are receiving, especially if you have the 2.5G package. 300 down isn't awful, but it does seem to be a bit on the low side for your particular package. Try rebooting your modem (unplug for 1 minute and plug it back in) and retest using the following tool from a desktop computer:


If the speeds don't improve, you may send us a PM @CommunityHelps the next time you are online describing your issue and we can do a few checks at our end to ensure all is well.


Thank you!




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