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Ignite Modem Keeps Rebooting

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been having issues with my Ignite modem restarting for months... I've been through probably 6 modems. I've had techs come to my house on multiple occasions. Check the lines swap modems and cables, etc. Nothing works. It always happens again. I get different answers from different techs. From unplug for 30 secs and plug back in.. to "oh, techs are doing repairs in your area i just got a memo". Both answers with in 10 minutes of each other on a recent call.. First if techs ARE EVEN doing repairs in the area and internet connectivity is going to be affected, should you not warn the people that it is going to affect. Especially when people are working from home and rely on the service they've paid for .. or pay for other services that rely on on your providing of internet, which they also pay for. 🤔.. and I get the same answers every time I call. I've noticed the same issues with ignite modem since 2016 even noted in your very own Roger's forums.. whats the deal?! I'm losing out on content I've paid for, by unreliable internet which i also paid for. I think by far ignite is the least reliable network around. I have a tech coming by Monday, yet again.. Yay!!! another weekend with internet issues.. but I know even this visit won't resolve it.. Don't make me switch. 


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Re: Ignite Modem Keeps Rebooting


Hello, @Guy-with-N0net


We appreciate you posting your concerns to the Community.


I can imagine how frustrating it has been to deal with an intermittent connection for an extended period of time.


I am hopeful that the technician on Monday will improve the connection for you. We'd also like to take a look at the notes on your file from previous technicians to see what has been done thus far so we can determine what are the best steps to take next.


Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps and we can get started on this for you. 





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