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Internet service down

I've Been Around

I’ve never a level of I don’t care about my customer than I’ve been receiving been told since Sunday may 22nd I’ll be receiving my internet service back by end of day now it’s now may 28th still no internet service I’m just given the run around all week enough is enough I think I’ll be shopping for a different isp this weekend we need our internet to work no internet no money coming in.
Thanks Rogers great service!


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Re: Internet service down

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

My inlaws had no rogers for    one week, yes one week.  The people on the phone kept telling them they're effected by an outage, but after a few days of constantly calling and realizing all our neighbours internet is working they finally started to troubleshoot and what do you know? the modem got fried some how during the blackout and all this time it was faulty and needed to be exchanged at the store for another modem and what do you know? the internet worked.  They need to focus on actually hearing the customers problem and making an attempt to troubleshoot it instead of kind of lumping us into the recent outage of the blackout. yes we know there was a black out but a quick check was all that was needed.

Re: Internet service down

I've Been Here Awhile
I'm told similar that repairs are being done in my area.. every time my modem drops out. Or I get the hey let's restart your modem for 30 secs.. for the past 18 months. My internet was currently fine until I started to post this, now its dropping every 10 min again.. the told me repairs we going to be completed by 6 am Thursday. Still happening. I will take the advice and swap out my modem in store.
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