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Great Wi-Fi Range on Ignite TV Gateway (XB6)

I've Been Here Awhile

Is it just me or is the wifi range on the Ignite WiFi Gateway (XB6) modem friggin amazing!?!?

Before switched to rogers I was with Start Communications and my set up with them was a Hitron modem, no wifi, going to a TP Link Archer C7 wifi router with wifi extenders at different locations in my house. That gave me decent coverage throughout my home. Now that I switched to rogers I went with the 500mbps fiber optic internet with a Ignite WiFi Gateway (XB6) modem. Before i even tried it in my home to test its range, because if my past experience, I just assumed I needed extenders and I had roger install their pod extenders for this model in 3 different locations in my house.

Big mistake. The pod setup was terrible!!!!

Now, I had internet connection everywhere in my house but the download speeds of my devices that were connected to either of the 3 pods was horrible!!! I have 500mbps service and at the most I was getting between 15 to 40mbps when connected to the pods. So when support couldnt fix the problem, I decided to disconnect the pods and just see how the modem worked and what its range was like and OMG I had to write this review because the range and speeds are amazing!

This modem covers every inch of my house. I have an older 4 level backsplit home that is more the 2200 sqft and on top of that I have a steel roof which seems to kill any of my wireless signals in the house. Every other modem/router i have ever tried always left me with dead spots, but the Ignite WiFi Gateway (XB6) covers everywhere and the slowest speeds I am getting is 150mbps, but on average most rooms in my house are getting 250 to 300mbps!

This is the greatest range/speed I have ever got from a modem/router, and before my other TP Link setup with my old provider I tried a couple of pricier routers, like 300 to 400 dollar Asus and Linksys models that didnt cover have the power to cover half the distance as this Roger's Ignite WiFi Gateway (XB6) wifi modem.

So if you go with this awesome modem make sure that before you get the pod extenders that you make sure to just try the modem out first because I would be suprised if you even need them.

So overall the Ignite WiFi Gateway (XB6) is an amazing wifi modem/router! I recommend to anyone who has an issue with dead spots or weak wifi signals in their home. Get this modem and kiss the weak signals and dead spots goodbye!!!!!


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Re: Great Wi-Fi Range on Ignite TV Gateway (XB6)


Hello, @Jascmu


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


It's really great to hear that the Wi-Fi signal in your home has been perfect since having the XB6 modem installed. Wi-Fi can be a tricky to get right as there are so many variables that can affect the signal strength and range.


I am hopeful that the connection will continue to be strong but if you do notice any issues at all don't hesitate to reach out to the Community for guidance.


Thanks for this awesome post, we're glad to have you as a customer. 🙂




Re: Great Wi-Fi Range on Ignite TV Gateway (XB6)

I've Been Around

I registered to the Rogers Community Forum as I have been on hold for an agent for the third time in the last few weeks.  The last time was on the weekend they told me I needed ignite wifi pods.  My concern which I read off your comments was that a steal roof does affect the wifi and we have a steal roof and we have a big house.  Therefore, I am concerned about installing these pods.  What to do????

Re: Great Wi-Fi Range on Ignite TV Gateway (XB6)

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hi, @ATB1  and welcome to the Commuunity!


A steel roof should not be a big problem because it does not block signals inside the home.  (You may get some signal reflection but I don't think that it will negatively affect Wi-Fi.)  Before installing Pods, you should walk though your home with a mobile device and find the areas where your Wi-Fi signal strength dips, and try to correlate that to what may be behind the walls between you and the modem (e.g. duct work, air returns, plumbing... and if you have plaster walls, wire mesh), mirrored closet doors, mesh underlay beneath ceramic tile, etc.  Anything that could be blocking or absorbing the signal.  The Pods need to be installed in locations that have a good connection back to your Ignite modem and that can also provide a good signal to the Wi-Fi "dead zones" in your house.


I'm confident that you will be able to get good Wi-Fi coverage in your home.  However, if Wi-Fi speed is also important, not just coverage, you might be better off installing a conventional Wi-Fi mesh network instead of Pods.  You may also be able to improve your Wi-Fi coverage by relocating and/or reorienting your Ignite modem.

Re: Great Wi-Fi Range on Ignite TV Gateway (XB6)

I've Been Around

Okay so my house is parted in two sections, we got our house renovated so we couldn’t use the wifi from the other side (which is the older version do the Rogers wifi and cable box) ever since we installed roger ignite, all of our wifi hasn’t been working, we had someone come here to set it up for us, but it just stopped working today at 3:00pm

Re: Great Wi-Fi Range on Ignite TV Gateway (XB6)

Hello, @ByankaSimon.


Thank you for your post, and welcome to Rogers Community Forums!


The range on the Ignite WiFi gateway is quite good. However, depending on the factors like the structure of the house, electromagnetic interferences, etc., it may not reach the farthest section of your house. 


Can you elaborate on stopped working? Like did you lost the Internet altogether? What's the light status on the modem?


We look forward to hearing from you. 



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