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Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I've been here awhile

Hi all. Is it possible somehow to disable DHCPv4 on the Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)? I looked through the settings and I only found the option to disable DHCPv6, but not the DHCP server for IPv4. I have my own device hooked up that acts as a DHCP server and would like to use that instead. Thanks.



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Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Is it a DHCP server type thing?  Or a device like a full router?

If a router, your best bet would be then to put it into BRIDGE MODE, which pretty much disables all the router features on the gateway, and making it into a modem only.
Then your device can handle the routing, the dhcp, wireless, etc.

Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I've been here awhile

It's a DHCP server type thing, more specifically a Raspberry Pi 🙂 back when I was with Bell I was running it as my own DHCP server so that I can use my own filtering rules as well as DNS servers. Right now I have manually assigned IPv4 settings to most of my devices, but that's pretty tedious and not every device supports that.


I might have an old Wifi router that I could hook up which is able to have its DHCPv4 disabled, but that seems rather counter intuitive.


Is there any way to telnet/ssh into the Ignite hub to get access to that functionality?

Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

Hey @nocatix,


Thanks for providing the community with this additional information! 


Unfortunately, we couldn't find a way to disable the DHCP server for IPv4 via the Ignite WiFi Hub as you were hoping. You may be able to connect your own router to our modem while it is in bridge mode and connect your own server that way, but you'd have to test that out to see if it works.


I'll tag in some of our RE's @Gdkitty, @-G-, @Datalink, to see if they have any ideas! If any one else in the community has tested out a similar scenario and were successful, we'd love to hear from you too!! 😀


Kind regards,


Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

@RogersYasmine  @nocatix  Sorry but I can't offer any advice other than what has already been suggested.  The XB6 will not allow you to disable DHCP or override the default DNS servers through the ) Gateway/Network Management Tool.  I have never tried hacking the XB6.

Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I plan to stick around

I have the Ignite 500u with the XB6 modem.  How can I disable IP6 and the DHCP on the router?  I would like to add my own hardware to the router and need to have these features disabled.  Thank you.

Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

Hey @rayray519!


You're certainly free to use your own home network equipment! The modem can be bridged to allow your personal router to control the traffic via LAN/WAN to your home network. You can find the steps for this here! Definitely let us know if you have any further questions.



Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I've been around

I am surprised to get this confirmed. The DHCP server function can't be disabled!

And the reason I want to disable that is, I cannot set specific DNS servers for DHCP clients.


For these above 2 reasons, maybe I have to set it to bridge mode.

However, is it possible to keep the Wifi function? Make it work as an AP?



Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

@afasfsdfsafsa  If you enable Bridge Mode on the Ignite gateway you will no longer be able to use it for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Re: Disable DHCPv4 on Ignite Hub (CGM4140COM)

I've been around

this is a deal breaker. Definitely using the bridge mode and skipping all these nonsense removal of features. 

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