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Can't Download Pics or Videos on WiFi

I've Been Here Awhile

Just switched over to Rogers internet at home yesterday and now I cannot download any pictures or videos through wifi on WhatsApp


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Re: Can't Download Pics or Videos on WiFi

The issue has returned for us. Seems intermittent. Very frustrating. Have to turn off wifi on our android phones to download or watch videos on whatsapp. Then turn it back on.

Re: Can't Download Pics or Videos on WiFi

Guys, please continue to file your individual tickets with Rogers even if the issue is intermittent... for speedy resolution.

Re: Can't Download Pics or Videos on WiFi

My issue seems to be resolved. Been okay for past 4 days. I did open an incident with them. They haven't called back. Not sure if they did something to resolve or not. Will update once I hear back.

Re: Can't Download Pics or Videos on WiFi

I Plan to Stick Around

I just want to point out that this issue encompasses more than just Whatsapp.  I don't use Whatsapp, but have this exact problem for the last 2-3 weeks on my home Rogers Ignite Wifi only, and with multiple Android apps on multiple devices (Samsung S9 on Android 10, Asus Chromebook with Android 9).  I logged a ticket and Rogers Support and they acted like they've never heard of this before even though there are pages and pages of complaints for this issue in this forum. Went through the usual factory reset of Ignite gateway etc like everyone else, to no avail.  What works is switching to a private vpn to bypass Rogers DNS, but this is not a proper solution. 

Re: Can't Download Pics or Videos on WiFi

Hello, @maverick72


Thanks so much for posting your concerns in the community.


We have received your private message and look forward to providing you with updates on this matter once they are available.