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How to record this program, on this channel, at this time?

I plan to stick around

On the Nextbox 4K PVR it was possible to set a recording

  • for a specific program
  • on a specific channel
  • at a specific time.

This does not seem to be possible on Ignite.  (Is it possible?)

I have attempted to record a local news program that is shown on a specific channel at a specific time and, unfortunately, it also records a later edition of the news program.  It seems to use program titles as identifiers and thus if two different editions of a news program have the same title, it will record both if both are identified as "new", even if you just want one of them to be recorded (that, again, airs at a specific time on a specific channel).

@CommunityHelps: if this feature is not available for recordings as it was on Nextbox 4K PVR, could you request that it be implemented in a future update?  While I do understand that the Ignite platform was created by an entirely different company, one would think that Rogers is large enough to request such an elementary feature that was available on the previous hardware.


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Re: How to record this program, on this channel, at this time?

I'm a senior advisor

Go to your guide. Place the pointer over on the left on the channel icon you wish to record. Press the record button. Record screen will come up select the start time, duration and the date you wish to record. This is for a one time recording.


The old system you could specify this program at this time slot only. Ignite you cannot. Wish we could.

Re: How to record this program, on this channel, at this time?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@422151819119 : There are several previous threads on the topic of timeslot recordings - links below:  Since IgniteTV is usually pretty "smart", it's pretty rare that a timeslot option is required and would not be required at all if the broadcaster labelled their programming correctly - say News at 6, News at 11, etc.


One thing that might work for you is to set the maximum number of recordings to keep in a series to say 1, 2, or 3, depending on your viewing habits and how often the programme airs. That way you should be able to view the recording desired, if you keep your watching up to date and you won't have to delete a bunch of recordings.

Re: How to record this program, on this channel, at this time?

I plan to stick around

Example: CBC News Network shows The National at 21:00, with repeats every hour for most of the night until the morning.  If one were to set a repeated recording of this program, and ask that only new episodes are recorded, then the showing at 21:00, as well as the showings at 22:00 and 23:00 would be recorded; even though the first one is the only new episode.  The Ignite platform ought to either have correct schedules such that new programs are correctly identified as being new and/or have the ability to set a repeated recording of a particular program on a particular channel at a particular time just like on Nextbox 4K PVR.


@CommunityHelps: do you have a moment to respond?  It is absolutely surprising to me that nobody has discovered and corrected this problem, given that the Ignite IPTV platform has been tested and in service for years now; and doubly surprising that the elementary functionality of your previous features on Nextbox 4K PVR were not requested to be included when you purchased your IPTV infrastructure from Comcast.  Do you have a mechanism by which your customers can report problems and request that they be fixed, and more importantly: how seriously do you actually work in implementing such things?  I am hopeful to receive a response from you rather than the independent volunteers that navigate and answer these forums on your behalf.  Thanks!

Re: How to record this program, on this channel, at this time?

I'm a senior advisor

Discovered that problem 3+years ago when I first switched to ignite. Exactly the way it was described. News at 6 and news at 11 both on same channel. I don't want News at 11pm. Set to Record new on this channel I would get both because they are titled the same. Prior we could say this timeslot only but not with ignite.


So I manually Record each days News at 6pm.

Re: How to record this program, on this channel, at this time?

@422151819119 : Recommendations made on this forum are forwarded to technicians and other people, however, don't get your hopes up since Rogers and Comcast use the Pareto Principle when it comes to changes to their platform.  Based on the number of "complaints" on this and Comcast's forum, this is not going to get high priority.


I do have the following suggestion for you when it comes to "The National".


1. Set a Series recording for new episodes on CBC, not CBCNN.  (Channels Option CBC, not HD).  This will avoid any repeats since CBC labels these properly.

2. Since the above may miss occasional episodes due to other programming taking priority, set a Series Recording for new episodes on CBCNN (Channels option CBCNN, not HD), but keep only 1 episode.  


This way you will have until the following day to watch any episodes missed by CBC.


I'm not quite sure why CBCNN labels the 9, 10, 11PM, 12, 1AM, programming as New, unless perhaps there are minor differences as news develops.  They label 2, 3, 4, 5AM programming as repeat.  If the 9, 10, 11, 12PM, 1AM programming is actually identical, then CBCNN should be labelling the programming after 9PM as repeat, so the "blame" is on CBCNN, not Rogers and you should contact the CBC.


I do agree that it would be nice to have a timeslot option. If you looked at the threads I linked in my previous post, you will find that I fought for it in great detail, with screenshots, PMs, etc., but came up empty.  It even looks as though the software is there in the Website Guide, but not implemented.  That particular discussions starts at the following link:


....but after extensive discussion, culminated with no change (link below)


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