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On the Nextbox 4K PVR it was possible to set a recording for a specific programon a specific channelat a specific time. This does not seem to be possible on Ignite.  (Is it possible?) I have attempted to record a local news program that is shown on a...
It was my understanding that the Stingray Festival 4K and Now 4K channels were available for those that had an UHD 4K television.  This was the case with digital cable.  However, I have noticed that these channels are not included on Ignite TV.  Must...
Program recordings on Ignite TV are not as they were once with digital cable television.  That is, they are not recorded onto the device itself but reside in the cloud.  Sometimes, with IPTV, when one records, they are not really "recording" but rath...
I've had opportunities to try out Ignite TV on a few occasions and something that very much surprised me is the presence of ads in the program guide.  They appear as rows like regular channels over and over again as you scroll vertically in the guide...
How long and how many customer service employees does it take to add a channel?   Rogers: Hi, my name is x from Rogers in Charlottetown. Thank you for taking the time to connect with us, how are you doing today?   Customer: Hello. Please add a and b ...
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