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Waiting to be refunded for my returned device

I've been here awhile

On December 20th, I had purchased a second phone and added a second line to my main line. Unfortunately I had to return the phone and cancel that line on January 2nd, I did it within the 30 days (Sarisfaction Guarantee).
I returned the phone to the Rogers STORE as that's where I purchased it and set everything up.
I called Rogers to cancel the line because the associate IN STORE said they couldn't. Rogers then advised me that they couldn't cancel it until they received the physical phone from the store. I was advised that I would receive a refund for any charges because I returned it within the 30 days. I've called multiple times since January, and every time I call, I am told that I will get a refund of $412 on my account, or that I will receive a cheque, or it will go back on the card I have on file for automatic payments - I always get told something different. Then I also get told that they need to create a case and I've received 2 case numbers and they would call me "within 10 business days" IT IS NOW AUGUST!!! I am sick and tired of calling and getting the run around. WHERE IS MY MONEY???


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Re: Waiting to be refunded for my returned device

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Has Rogers verified that your phone has been received and that the line was also then cancelled, as desired?

If so, what's taking so long?

You get told different things, so perhaps they are just guessing.

To find out what happened, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page to Contact Us, and then on the next page you arrive on, scroll down to "Share a Concern" and ask for a supervisor to get you in touch with an Office of the President agent to help unravel this mess.

Include your case numbers and mention if you have a receipt for your phone return (from the store), etc.

If this drags on much longer, you may end up owing money to a collection agency, if the system still hasn't located your phone.

E.T. (phone home)

Re: Waiting to be refunded for my returned device

I've been here awhile
They have in fact confirmed they received the phone, and the line has since been cancelled - without a refund though.
The issue I believe is that regular csa's have a threshold of how much they can credit back to a customer, which is why they need to create a case with "back office", who will then contact me, but never do.

I didn't realize I could request for a supervisor to contact me, thanks for the info.
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