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Re: Service Area Expansion

@Garytwizz : I found the following perhaps useful website:


Went to Ontario, Cable:


Clicked Virgil and got:


Hope that helps.  Looks like they do use the Cogeco backbone.

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Re: Service Area Expansion

Internet Expansion (Burlington, ON)


Hi there.


Wondering if there are any near-term plans to expand high speed internet access to L7P4Y9 (Aldershot, Burlington, ON).  Currently there is no service provided other than very poor quality DSL and from previous discussions I have had with cable provider(s) - there appears to be service within 2 KM of this location.


Hoping there are plans to extend service through this area.


Thank you!


Rogers Employee JakeyPrime
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Re: Service Area Expansion

I'm also itching to get Rogers in my area, but I think with Cogeco here, Rogers wont make it! I guess I'll stick with home security now, and pray someday that the residential expansion gods answer my calling!

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Re: Service Area Expansion

Plant extension for Severn Bridge?


Hi everyone, looking to get something off to planning for consideration. Just to start, I am a contracted to Rogers, so I do know my stuff.

I live in Postal Code P0E1N0. Which is considered a serviceable area, but my street is actually 3km from the last tap on Muskoka street.
It was planned to be done back when the town of Washago went 2way in a rebuild over a decade ago, but at that time there were fewer houses and little interest. So they never completed the build. That has changed very much.

I've spoken to most of my neighbours, who would all be interested in 1 - 4 cable products if available. Everyone has DSL internet, and different satellite services for TV.

The plant extension would cover all homes on Brady dr and Severn St and would add approximately 50 customers between the 2 streets.

The build would be a mix of extending existing Aerial plant with a couple spots where burial plant would be necessary. Bell and Hydro have mostly aerial services in the area.

I am sure if the area was canvassed to gauge interest and return on the investment of a build, there would be a lot of interest to warrant going ahead.
Pretty much everyone would take internet, most would take cable and phone and I've had a lot of interest in SHM (most people approach my truck to ask if Rogers is available now and how to get it when they see my truck parked in my driveway).

Is it possible to have someone create a business case for review for the area mentioned above?

We would all also be interested in the Rogers fixed wireless Internet if that could be made available in the area.

I can provide more internal specifications and details if reached out to privately.

Thanks from the people of Severn Bridge!

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Re: Service Area Expansion

Hello & welcome to the Community @Panes,


We appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you for taking the time out to explain the nuances as well. While we continue to expand our services, we currently do not have any potential timeline/expansion information for your area. 


If or when the services become available, your area will receive the appropriate communication. 





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Re: Service Area Expansion

I have a friend living in Orillia. She has had a Rogers Rocket Stick for years now and is trying to run a business. The Rocket stick is expensive, slow, and the data is limited.  She would really like to be on cable. There is cable available only 300m away and I don't believe it can't be extended the short distance to her business/residence.  This situation is ridiculous and totally unfair.  When I call Rogers I can't get past the firewall of customer service, who simply look at their screens and say it isn't available.  I would really like a conversation with a manager in the area who could look at this with a little humanity and compassion.  She is willing to contribute to the cost of extending the cable and just wants some fairness instead of a brick wall.


Thank you, with regards - Paul

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Re: Service Area Expansion

Hello, @play_couple_4u.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting service area expansion inquiry on behalf of your friend. We can certainly appreciate the situation; please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps so we can check the service area expansion possibility. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.