Rogers account canceled unexpectedly

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Rogers account canceled unexpectedly

I had recently called to ASK about moving procedures (not to schedule a move) and the representative I spoke to told me to call back closer to the move date. A few weeks a later, I receive my bill and it has an extra $80, so I called to ask why it was so much more than normal. The person I reached told me that my account had been completely canceled and the $80 was the charge for the remaining time on the account. I hadn't even told them about my new address in order for them to set up a new account somewhere else. The cancelation date was also very strange and nothing I ever authorized. It's been a disaster trying to sort this out. My account was essentially re-set up but now my bills are all over the place and it's really hard to keep track of what I'm even paying for. I'm extremely unimpressed and ready to switch the Bell. 


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Re: Rogers account canceled unexpectedly

Sounds like maybe the person who was looking up stuff for you, like had to click something to see a date/charge.. but then never un clicked it before saving sort of thing 😞
HOPEFULLY was just a mistake from that user sort of thing.  (I mean, they have nothing to gain by randomly canceling accounts)

Truthfully, any/all the companies can be horrible to deal with billing wise sometimes with things like this.
Twice personally when I had bell i had major issues with their billing dept with mixups, and at work we had one go on for almost 2 years.  (like they couldnt find anyone in the whole company who was able to fix it).
All of them unfortunately can have billing problems 😞