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Service Area Expansion

I plan to stick around

So, in my hunt for a new house in the Stouffville area (north of Markham) one of my wants is, of course, Rogers service. Now, a good chunk of the area I'm looking in is indeed serviced. But I note that one enclave I was looking at isn't. However, existing Rogers trunk lines come up to the edge of the same concession block (as of 2014 Google street view), which measures 1.3km away from the start of the development. Yeah, certainly not a short distance, but also not particularly far in the grand scheme of things.


Now, I'm well aware that these types of inquiries are generally a waste of time, as Rogers does as Rogers wants when it comes to servicing. I know it has to be worth their while financially. But what qualifies an area as being worth their while? Bell certainly runs their crummy lines everywhere. How can you tell if Rogers will ever expand? How can you point out a potential service area to Rogers?


This is a pretty rural region overall, however this one small area has about 80 estate homes close together, plus another dozen or so properties on the route to it, so seems like the outlay could eventually be recouped.


Any clue if further information is available on this subject matter?


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Re: Service Area Expansion

Internet Expansion (Burlington, ON)


Hi there.


Wondering if there are any near-term plans to expand high speed internet access to L7P4Y9 (Aldershot, Burlington, ON).  Currently there is no service provided other than very poor quality DSL and from previous discussions I have had with cable provider(s) - there appears to be service within 2 KM of this location.


Hoping there are plans to extend service through this area.


Thank you!


Re: Service Area Expansion

I'm also itching to get Rogers in my area, but I think with Cogeco here, Rogers wont make it! I guess I'll stick with home security now, and pray someday that the residential expansion gods answer my calling!

Re: Service Area Expansion

I've been around

Plant extension for Severn Bridge?


Hi everyone, looking to get something off to planning for consideration. Just to start, I am a contracted to Rogers, so I do know my stuff.

I live in Postal Code P0E1N0. Which is considered a serviceable area, but my street is actually 3km from the last tap on Muskoka street.
It was planned to be done back when the town of Washago went 2way in a rebuild over a decade ago, but at that time there were fewer houses and little interest. So they never completed the build. That has changed very much.

I've spoken to most of my neighbours, who would all be interested in 1 - 4 cable products if available. Everyone has DSL internet, and different satellite services for TV.

The plant extension would cover all homes on Brady dr and Severn St and would add approximately 50 customers between the 2 streets.

The build would be a mix of extending existing Aerial plant with a couple spots where burial plant would be necessary. Bell and Hydro have mostly aerial services in the area.

I am sure if the area was canvassed to gauge interest and return on the investment of a build, there would be a lot of interest to warrant going ahead.
Pretty much everyone would take internet, most would take cable and phone and I've had a lot of interest in SHM (most people approach my truck to ask if Rogers is available now and how to get it when they see my truck parked in my driveway).

Is it possible to have someone create a business case for review for the area mentioned above?

We would all also be interested in the Rogers fixed wireless Internet if that could be made available in the area.

I can provide more internal specifications and details if reached out to privately.

Thanks from the people of Severn Bridge!

Re: Service Area Expansion

Hello & welcome to the Community @Panes,


We appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you for taking the time out to explain the nuances as well. While we continue to expand our services, we currently do not have any potential timeline/expansion information for your area. 


If or when the services become available, your area will receive the appropriate communication. 





Re: Service Area Expansion

I have a friend living in Orillia. She has had a Rogers Rocket Stick for years now and is trying to run a business. The Rocket stick is expensive, slow, and the data is limited.  She would really like to be on cable. There is cable available only 300m away and I don't believe it can't be extended the short distance to her business/residence.  This situation is ridiculous and totally unfair.  When I call Rogers I can't get past the firewall of customer service, who simply look at their screens and say it isn't available.  I would really like a conversation with a manager in the area who could look at this with a little humanity and compassion.  She is willing to contribute to the cost of extending the cable and just wants some fairness instead of a brick wall.


Thank you, with regards - Paul

Re: Service Area Expansion

Hello, @play_couple_4u.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting service area expansion inquiry on behalf of your friend. We can certainly appreciate the situation; please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps so we can check the service area expansion possibility. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.




Re: Service Area Expansion

I've been around

I have a very similar, and also not so similar issue. I moved to a rural area about 6 months ago, approximately 10KM outside of Brampton. I was a legacy Roger's user when I lived downtown Toronto, but had to kill the service as there were no Rogers options at the time of my moving. I have trees that surround my property, so always knew that wireless would be an issue, paired with the fact cell towers are about as rare as you can imagine for an area that really isn't so remote, it just lacks point to point connectivity, which I am actively working on fixing with local government (in fact, I am fighting for a Rogers tower to go up about 500m from my home). Anyway, there is Rogers service to the West of me, less than 3KM, and to the East of me, about the same distance. The real kicker to this is that about 5 years ago, at the behest of the Town of Caledon, who by the way, claims to know absolutely nothing about this, Rogers installed a Fibre Optic box at the end of my driveway, literally 200 meters from my home. Rogers is telling me this box doesn't exist, and also that they will never have service in my area (clearly a system generated response). It has become increasingly frustrating, especially since they will not even send a technician to my home to diagnose the real reason why lines will not be run to my home, and also why in the world there is this ridiculous statement of the box not existing at all. We have involved high levels of customer service, who are no longer responding, and also the CRTC, which can really only help and guide us so much. I have also tried every provider known to man, who all tell me that service is not currently available. I realize how old this community forum is, however I wanted to highlight the fact that 4 years later, "expanded service area" really has not gotten very far from what I can tell - and that is not a dig only at Rogers! If anyone has any ideas or has gone down a similar path, I would love to hear from you. It is 2020, and the fact that where I live precludes me from having internet is just so mind boggling (I also understand that there are bigger problems in the world, but a lot of countries have already deemed internet to be a human right... but i digress)...


Hopelessly UNconnected,



Re: Service Area Expansion

I've been here awhile

For years now i have wanted Rogers internet and I have been told that it may come some day, but was never given a date or rough time period as to when this might happen. Last Year 2019 I asked Rogers and if they had plans in the near future of coming out to service my address. They said there was plans too but to but the design wont come until next year 2020. Are we still on track to do the design for this year? or is there any new updates? I know theirs the Covid 19 thing going on right now. 


(Removed Chat Log - Keep it Private - RogersTony)

Re: Service Area Expansion

Hello @Rhino3237,


Thanks for joining us here in the community and congrats on your very first post!


Yes, with the current pandemic, a lot of things we would call normal everyday routines have been put on hold, but understandably so. Hopefully, you and your loved ones have been keeping safe and well. 🙂


Service expansion is definitely important to us as we want to reach as many people as we can. It is, however, very costly and can take some time. We'd be happy to check and see if there are any upcoming plans to extend service to your area.


If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Kind regards,




Re: Service Area Expansion

I plan to stick around

Internet and TV in Georgetown Ontario (halton Hills)




So I have been with Rogers for 15+ years. I recently had to move to Georgetown, Ontario and noticed Rogers isnt in this area? Only Bell and Cogeco and some other low end names. 


Will Rogers ever come to Georgetown? I hate to switch ....

Re: Service Area Expansion

I'm a senior advisor
An unfortunate comparison, but cable companies are like the mob..they dont invade each other's "turf".

If Georgetown is Cogeco territory, then it's what you get for "big" cable.

Re: Service Area Expansion

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You will not find more than one cable company in a particular area. It is simply too expensive to "overbuild".  It costs billions to put in infrastructure. The only thing that has happened is that some providers have purchased other smaller providers, or taken over (swapped) areas if it's financially advantageous to do so (Rogers/Shaw in Atlantic Canada).


Even then it sometimes takes years to implement new technology in that area, with the purchaser often continuing with the existing (old) infrastructure and equipment (Rogers in Atlantic Canada)


There will be no advance notice of anything like this for competitive reasons. One of the last I remember is Aurora Cable being taken over by Rogers.


It is possible to have several different providers with different technology - Satellite, IPTV, Cable, Streaming.  I believe Rogers owns a share of Cogeco.

Re: Service Area Expansion

I'm a senior advisor

@57 wrote:

You will not find more than one cable company in a particular area. It is simply too expensive to "overbuild".  It costs billions to put in infrastructure. The only thing that has happened is that some providers have purchased other smaller providers, or taken over (swapped) areas if it's financially advantageous to do so (Rogers/Shaw in Atlantic Canada).


True. Shaw was the cable company in my area back in the 1980s when I moved here.  Then it became Rogers. They must  have swapped out territories, Shaw being based in Alberta.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: Service Area Expansion

I plan to stick around
Well Cogeco is not the "Big" cable company here. Bell is. The technology already exists here. They have the fiber cable. Thats what I ended up getting. I just rather prefer Rogers compared to Bell beacuse of Rogers System, Modem and I am used to dealing with them for the good and the bad. I was shocked to know that there is just Bell here and Cogeco but not Rogers. I know for other GTA areas you get both companies and you choose which one you want.

Re: Service Area Expansion

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@FITIMS wrote:
1. Well Cogeco is not the "Big" cable company here. Bell is. 
2. I know for other GTA areas you get both companies and you choose which one you want.

1. Bell is not "cable". It's IPTV. 

2. As discussed in post 33 of this thread, there are no areas of Canada that have two cable companies (what was traditionally called a cable company). Cogeco is the cable company in your area and it's a fairly large company as indicated in the link I previously provided.

3. Rogers, traditionally called a cable company, is rolling out IPTV (IgniteTV) along with digital cable (side-by-side).  Both use the same infrastructure - Fibre to the Node, and eventually fibre to the home.  Their "digital cable" will eventually be gone in a few years.  Rogers will not be muscling in on Cogeco's turf.


These companies are called Service Providers or BDUs.

Re: Service Area Expansion

I've been around

Hi there - recently on a hike in Severn Bridge I noted a lot of orange markers in the forest, which to my knowledge normally indicate communication lines (or proposed comm lines).  Are there plans for Rogers to expand in the area?  That would be fantasitc as the options are very limited at this time (10mb BELL DSL lines for $100/month is the best you can get).


The area I noted the flags was between Severn River Road and Davis Drive in Severn Bridge.

Re: Service Area Expansion

I've been around

The service lookup tool (and your site chat) both confirm that no service is currently available at xx Peter Schneider Sharon ON Lxx xxx. (Keep personal info. private)


My question is can you advise of any future plans to expand services in the area.


The community in question is an enclave of what will be 25 estate homes once completed.


We love the community, and because it is just outside of Newmarket we assumed that there would be high speed internet and cable available.


We are struggling with xPlornet and even trying a wireless modem but we are getting terrible service.


Really hoping you can shine a light at the end of the tunnel and provide an estimate as to when Rogers will serive the area.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and get back to me.

Re: Service Area Expansion

Hello @JKR66,


Thanks for joining us in the Rogers community and congrats on your first post! 😊


I can certainly understand your disappointment with not having any internet or TV services available at your new residence. Many of us depend on these services to help stay connected with the world around us. 


If you can send us a Private Message, we can check to see if there are any upcoming plans to extend services to your area in the near future. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.




Re: Service Area Expansion

Hey All,

I'm posting this for my bother in law as he doesn't have a rogers account.


He lives in a dead zone where there is no rogers, and bell is only 5mbit DSL (fiber is about 1-2km away). Rogers has service directly south, and north (on the same road), and the service is all aerial. The closest point where rogers exists is 2 poles away!. Initial calls to Rogers to pay rogers to extend the service area (he runs a home business and would be happy to fund the expansion, assuming the cost is reasonable) were positive.  Someone followed up, called him back, asked some questions, had looked up the nearest service location and promised to call back with a quote but that was a month ago.  He's called several times since then to get an update and it's been a run around, with a different answer from every rep, no concrete answers on a price or a straight answer on if it can or cannot be done.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed here? I realize this is a pretty specific uncommon inquiry and I feel it's having trouble making it to network operations where they could accurately and quickly answer the question?


Re: Service Area Expansion

Greetings @Juggie!


Great first post!


I can definitely understand your brother's need to have a secure and reliable internet option for his residence, especially since he'll be using it for his business. It's very kind of you to inquire on his behalf.  😊


Based on my personal experience and depending on the request type for the service expansion, I do want to warn you that it could become quite costly to have this done. Nonetheless, we are happy to look into this for you to see if this is a possibility, and provide you with a quote so your brother can make the final decision.


If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.




Re: Service Area Expansion

I've been around

Are there any plans for Rogers to pick up the remaining areas in Atlantic Canada that they've abandoned over the years?


I used to subscribe to Roger's legacy product (formerly Fundy Cable) long beyond a time it made sense to do so. With high-capacity transport peppered all over the area (some likely owned by Rogers?!) I am dumbfounded as to why this beautiful late-90s network (with lots of extra coax trunking) is STILL abandoned in 2020.


BellAliant has successfully applied for, and received tons of funding to bring a sad 7/1 DSL service to outlying areas in the community, where the technology doesn't make any economic sense.

Are there any plans to service Stanley, New Brunswick? E6B 1A6 (this isn't my postal code, but is an MDU served by the same 'legacy cable plant' that has been abandoned).

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