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Returning phone on contract end for new one

I Plan to Stick Around

What is the process for returning phone in contract end in exchange for new phone/contract? Specifically.. I assume they let you keep both phones to do transfer of data etc..



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Re: Returning phone on contract end for new one


Good evening @jimy,


Are you looking to return a device under the Upfront Edge program or are you interested in benefiting from the Rogers Trade up Program?


Rogers Upfront Edge financing is available on select phones with a Rogers Infinite plan. At the end of 2 years, you can either return your phone and upgrade to the latest device, or keep your phone and pay off the Upfront Edge amount.


With the Rogers Trade-Up program you can trade in phones, tablets, or Apple Watches from any carrier to help offset the cost of getting a new device. 


Please check out the following two blogs for more info:



Feel free to let us know if you have any follow up questions :)!






Re: Returning phone on contract end for new one

I've Been Around

I feel totally duped by the change and now it's costing me, when I upgraded my phone 2yrs ago I thought it was business as usual, since I've been with Rogers for decades.  I got an email reminding me that my SA was coming to and end and that if I didn't return the phone it would be charged $450 for it. I thought it was actually a scam.  Until it wasn't.  When I had upgraded my phone no one explained this to me that after the 2yrs the rules have changed I will either need to pay for the phone or I will have to return it.  What was I paying for all this time.  I've never ever had to return a phone in all my decades with Rogers.  I have 2 phones and one I just upgraded and again no one explained anything to me so I'm sure again im in the wrong plan and this will happen all over again after 2 yrs.  I spoke to the loyalty team and they can't/won't do anything about it.  I have 2 phones and I pay $300 a month already and tack on another $450 and regular billing. This is quickly eroding any faith in this company I have.  I don't understand why its not properly explained, and yes I get that I didn't ask but I don't know what I don't know.  I'm %100 sur that this comment will be meaningless to Rogers should I share it on all social medias, I'm literally just one person in the millions of other customers 

Re: Returning phone on contract end for new one

Hello @cparks1,


Thanks for joining us here in the community and for sharing your hardware and billing concerns!


Just to confirm, we still have our standard financing option that allows you to get a new device for $0 down and then you have 2 years to pay off the device on a month to month basis. Once done, the device is yours to keep.


As I'm sure you've noticed, the cost for devices has gone up significantly over the past few years. As some customers are finding it more challenging to afford the latest devices, we introduced our Upfront Edge program which provides customers with a significant discount off of the retail cost of the device. This allows customers to pay a lower monthly rate over the 2 year period, however, once the 2 years is up, they have the choice to return the device in good working condition and upgrade to a new device once again, or they can choose to keep their existing device and just pay off the upfront edge amount that was given as a discount at the very start.


When you completed your purchase, you should have been provided with the terms and conditions of your agreement. May I please confirm where/how your purchase was made? If done in-store, you would have had to review and sign a detailed document outlining the terms and conditions of the offer. If done any other way, you would have been sent an email confirmation outlining the terms and conditions of the offer.


Also, if you review your monthly bills online, it actually provides details of your agreement there as well.


Hopefully, this provides you with some clarification. Let us know if you have further questions or concerns! 🙂




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