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Reducing Costs

I've been here awhile



Does anyone know how to reduce Rogers's Internet/TV bills significantly? We seem to be hitting around $185 month  and watch about 10 - 12 channels - more or less the same as we did when it was all analog... and yes ok there is streaming which I guess come through Rogers but surely that's just simply the web - which can come from anywhere right?  Anyway, it just keeps inching up - the highest in North America apparently - so if anyone has any insights - it would be great to hear about it .





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Re: Reducing Costs

I plan to stick around

Hi Paul,


based on your post its hard to tell if you have an active term (12 month promotion).


A Term is easy to locate! You know you have one because the bill has a line that says "SAVINGS".

The "SAVINGS" is Term discount. usually they last for a 12 months.


If you do not currently have a term its best to call rogers customer service to request a new 12 month term.

Re: Reducing Costs

I've been here awhile

Than you for that suggestion! I will definitely follow that up!

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