Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Hello, @harbourlite.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community, not receiving the texts from the service like Uber and PayPal can be quite inconvenient. To receive texts from short codes, they must be listed in the approved short code programs list available at CWTA's website.


I see Uber has three codes, and PayPal has one code listed. From which short codes texts not received? As suggested in the response above, you can send 'HELP' or 'INFO' to the short code and should receive a response providing additional info. 


If you are not receiving texts from the listed short code, please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.





I've Been Around
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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Google Pixel 4XL: Airtel msg from Banks


Hi =,


I have recently come from India to Canada, and I am not able to receive any OTP msg from the banks, however, I can receive a general text from my friends on rogers netwwork.


Can you please let me know how I can receive OTP TEXT.



Vishal Gupta
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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Good evening @vishalg,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!


We replied to your Private Message, thanks for reaching out!


If you have not yet done so, please check your inbox. 😉