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Offer Not Honoured and No Longer Available

I've been here awhile

I need help with rogers please. I’m a very reasonable person and have been with rogers for well over 25 years. I have my wireless, TV and Internet with them. I’ve spent over six hours between the phone and chat with Rogers in the last two weeks trying to finalize, a new loyalty plan for my Internet and television. I spent over three hours with one person in the loyalty department on November 24 and she quoted me a price which I agreed to for the services I wanted, and she said that there was a problem with her computer and that she would email me within 24 hours of confirmation. I did not hear from her.


 They no longer will allow me to contact that person and I tried several times to get through and it’s impossible. Then today I spoke to some people at Rogers for three hours on the line on chat and they switched me to three people one from my regular department, then a loyalty department, and then from the office of the management , the guy from the office of the management said that the lady made a mistake and they could not honour what she offered me even though he did realize that it was documented in my file. So I said you mean I have to suffer because what she offered me was not true, and he said yes she made a mistake so he offered me something similar at a much higher price and  then a lower price and finally at the same price that she quoted me but for less content


After I asked him to check one last thing, I got a message session is terminated.


This was after being on for over three hours on chat


Of course, I went back on the chat and they said they cannot connect me and that their whole systems are down for two hours. As a matter fact what they said is I’m sorry due to the fact that we have an unexpected system update we cannot help you with this point.


Why does a person have to spend over six hours to get the right plan in the right place with rogers? Does anybody know how to contact the office of the president and what I can do? I really am very upset and disappointed with rogers I feel I’ve been abused and treated badly.






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Re: Offer Not Honoured and No Longer Available

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People make mistakes. Unfortunately, the options they have are available in the system. Reps and even loyalty can't create special plans or bundles out of thin air for prices that aren't already preset in the system.

If you aren't happy as a customer with the price point. Switch to another provider! Don't be a customer that is afraid of a little bit of a headache to switch your services over. Your fear of switching is exactly what they prey on. They are all businesses, not people! Your loyalty means nothing to them outside of a little bit of lip service from someone who doesn't even know you is prompted with to read from their script or account notes.

Re: Offer Not Honoured and No Longer Available

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Resident Expert

@AlanZF I know how frustrating it can be when your promotions are about to expire and you are faced with a steep price increase.  It sounds like an agent tried hard to find a good discount for you but the problem is that until an order gets submitted successfully and you receive a confirmation email, with all the expected discounts and all the expected terms and conditions, there's a chance that there be unforeseen complications and you will not be able to get the promotion that you were hoping for.


The only discounts that you can really count on getting are the ones that are offered to you on MyRogers.  Many (most?) promotions are often restricted to specific areas, and it is even possible that somebody living at the postal code across the street (or even next door) from you can get a discount applied that you cannot.  Other problems can arise where agents are able to submit orders but then do not have the authority to waive certain service charges.  Offers can also be time-limited and expire unexpectedly.  Also, not all discounts are available to all agents.


I sincerely hope that Rogers can get this resolved for you.  However, the harsh reality is that agents no longer have the discretion and flexibility that they used to have.  They can only apply the discounts that their computer systems let them apply.

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