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MasterCard Promotion

I'm here a lot

I switched to Rogers this July (2020). Rogers had a promotion on, where I would get a $150 MasterCard Gift card, part of there promotion. Installation was done on August 5th, 2020. I received my "Please register for Promotion" on August 15th. I registered for my gift card the same day. I even received a notice that I had registered and that my gift card would be e-mailed to me from HelloWorld within 6weeks of the installation. We are now Oct-22, 2020 and I've not yet received the gift card. I've reached out 3 times to CustomerCare at HelloWorld. First time they acknowledge that I had a registration for the $150 gift card with them. Second time they apologized for this taking so long. 3rd time - I've not heard back... Has anyone received their $150 MasterCard gift card or is it just me??




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Re: MasterCard Promotion

I'm also having the same issue as well, it's just frustrating!!!


I got the email to register and pick my gift card. It then says in the email it will take another 6 weeks to verify my service with Rogers. That is geting rediculous. I think we were suppose to be getting the email to register as soon as we registered for the service and not 6 weeks after.


So now I have to wait another 6 weeks to verify my service, not sure why it takes that long to do that.

Re: MasterCard Promotion

I've been here awhile

I have the same issue... Very frustrating. Feel scammed I might just cancel. At least Bell is honest in the promotions. Can someone reach out to me regarding this as I'm waiting for mine as well and never got an email. I will cancel for this lie

Re: MasterCard Promotion

Hello Moderator,


It's November 11 and nothing yet.  No email with gift cards and no "registration email".   I never heard back from your Merkle - Hello fulfillment vendor either.


What can you do to resolve this?   I hate to be put to the trouble of filing a complaint, but it is important  that this problem get resolved.  It's not fair to the customers, nor to the Rogers employees who have to face their frustration.






Re: MasterCard Promotion

Hello @CatherineOttawa,


Thank you for the update! 🙂


You've mentioned in a couple of posts that you were advised to proactively send an email directly to the third party vendor--has that already been done? If so, did you receive any confirmation email back? 


Feel free to send us a PM @CommunityHelps if further guidance is required. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.



Re: MasterCard Promotion



I sent an email last week and received an automated reply on Thursday November 4 that said the following:


"Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Our customer care team is carefully reviewing your email and will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience as we work hard to get a response to you."

I followed up this morning with a further email asking for a response, but I did not receive a reply.




Re: MasterCard Promotion

i am havin the same problem. " keep being told their is"fuillfilment issues". It is not our fault and I am on my sixth call 

Re: MasterCard Promotion

I have the same exact story about the $250 mastercard. I also feel very scammed and lied to! I was promised it on September 13, 2020. I contacted several times. I was told to wait 6 weeks, then they said someone would escalate it and still nothing. This gift card was actually the reason I chose Rodgers over Bell.

Re: MasterCard Promotion

I have yet to receive my mastercard from the internet promotion and its been 3 months. I did not receive an email to sign up for the card either so what is going on

Re: MasterCard Promotion



I also have a similar story. We had a new connection on September 18, 2020. We were supposed to get $150 Mastercard. Still not received. I've been checking my email as your agents suggested in the chat and the last time I talked to your agents through Facebook Messenger was on November 18 and she said that I should be able to receive it in 2 weeks but I still haven't gotten it.

Re: MasterCard Promotion

It shouldn't be like that. We should NOT have to CHASE something like vagrants that they offered us. I switched in August and was offered the promo. It took way longer thsn they promised to get the registration email, and now its been 3 weeks and I still haven't seen the offer.

Re: MasterCard Promotion

I plan to stick around

Hello all,


Here is an update.  After three telephone calls to Rogers, two emails to the Hello/Merkle vendor, and several posts on this board, I received an email with a 150$ gift card to  Amazon on November 20.  I had been promised a $150 Walmart card AND a $50 Mastercard gift card.  I wrote to the Hello/Merkle company on November 24 advising them that they had sent me a card from the wrong company, and that it was $50 short.  I received a confirmation email, but I never received a reply.  Today, I redeemed the Amazon gift card because I was concerned it would expire and I would be left with nothing.


So - basically, Rogers still owes me $50 and is making no effort to compensate me.   I will file a complaint with dispute resolution body this week and post with an update.  If it is a successful approach, I will post about the steps that I took.


Good luck all!



Re: MasterCard Promotion

Good evening @CatherineOttawa,


Thanks for your post! Sorry to hear the situation involving your Gift With Purchase card did not take a turn for the best.


If it is not currently being looked into by one of our escalations team, we'd like the opportunity to help you in reaching a satisfactory resolution.


Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on our private messaging system, click here.


Thank you so much!



Re: MasterCard Promotion

Hello RogersMaude,


I've sent a message which says - Read my posts!  Read the others as well.  They are very clear and it would be  simple to resolve the issue and make your customers happy.









Re: MasterCard Promotion

I've been here awhile

Hi, I have signed up for Rogers ignite internet. My connection is up and running. But I never received my $150 prepaid gift card as promised by the rep. Can someone tell me who should I contact for this ?

Re: MasterCard Promotion

Greetings @Reaz13!


Welcome to the Rogers community forums and congrats on your first post! 👍


We are definitely excited to have you on board with us for your internet services! If possible, please have a look at my post #17 of this thread as it provides a nice timeline of how the prepaid gift card promotion works and what to expect. 


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know! 🙂


Kind regards,


Re: MasterCard Promotion


You crack me up !! ^^ What valiant crusade you are leading here!!!

Alright, at least you got something after your valiant efforts, which gives me hope.

I just finished the chat with the representative and I also got offered this dubious "gift card" and I was smiling stupidly all happy until I came to my senses that there was probably something behind this.

Reading the posts here prepares me for the path of struggle ahead, and the fact that Rogers might not be much better than Bell in the end...

But the fact that some of y'all managed to get it is...positive? XD

Now at least I can plan ahead and know that the return in investment for the calls to Rogers/Vendor might be around 3months, and decide if its worth it... 



Re: MasterCard Promotion

Hello @kaipomauli,


This cause is basically my life 🙂


I tried the Direct Message feature on this blog, but never got a reply.  The best approach was the email to Hellofulfillment (the gift card vendor) and a follow up reminder.   It looks like Rogers has outsourced their vendor management to frustrated customers.  I never did receive the "registration email" that some people received.


Anyway - keep up the fight!!!  






Re: MasterCard Promotion


I intend to!! ["You are not alone" tune playing in the background]

Now that they made this unsolicited promise, it would annoy me that they don't follow through. 

Will keep our fellow crusaders informed of my own adventure.

Re: MasterCard Promotion

I switched from Bell to Rogers at the end of October on the premise of receiving a $150 pre-paid mastercard. I reached out after the setup went successfully and was informed I would be reached via email in 4-6 weeks since installation. It has now been 8 and I have not been able to get in touch with Rogers regarding this matter. I have supporting chats indicating this offer as well. Just looking to get this resolved! 

Re: MasterCard Promotion

I've been around

Mastercard promotion - account information required.


I just got the email to register for the Mastercard promotion after being with Rogers for over a month.  On the registration form, there is a field for "Your Account number" with the note underneath stating "Check the invite email you received for information about your account number.". 

There is no information with or about my account number in the email. 


I have a Rogers account number since I've already gone through a billing cycle and had to sign up/in previously. 

Is this the account number that should be put in this field or is there a different one specific to the prepaid Mastercard?


I also agree with others that this Mastercard promotion should be coming from a Rogers email address not

Re: MasterCard Promotion

Hello @gregpm,


Thanks for joining us here in the community forums and thank you for your first post! 😊


The account number requested is indeed your Rogers account number as indicated on any of your Rogers' invoices that you've received for your new account. It can be found at the top, left-hand corner of your invoice.


I hope this helps, and happy holidays to you and your loved ones!!



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