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Long Wait Time

I've been around

Rogers cant lose any customers if they just never answer the phone!  This company hasnt just gone downhill, its fallen off the cliff.  3,5 hrs on hold still...1hr+ on online chat wait.... how does this company stay alive with customer support like this.   Complete joke! 


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Re: Long Wait Time

Hello @StacyMacDonald,


Thank you for posting the details regarding your situation to the Rogers Community. I can only imagine how frustrating this could have been for you and understand the inconveniences it may have caused. 


If you still need our help with your account, feel free to send a message to @CommunityHelps, when you have a chance, to allow us the opportunity to take a deeper look into this.


To know how to send us a private message, check out this blog


Thank you!



Re: Long Wait Time

Wow, I have been waiting for two days over an hour each day, calling regarding my dad’s estate stuff , wait times are way too long I could not join Rogers the wait time is too long it’s ridiculous !

Re: Long Wait Time

@Lucas093 if you happen to be the estate executor, close your dads credit card accounts and freeze the bank accounts to prevent any company from posting recurring charges to the credit card or withdrawing money from the bank account.  You will probably have to keep the bank accounts running, but, closed to anyone but you, assuming that you're the executor.  There was a recent post regarding money that had been withdrawn from a deceased persons account by Rogers.  There were no details provided, but at that point, the only person who can distribute funds from the estate is the executor.  


There is also the issue of returning any equipment to Rogers. including modem's and tv set top boxes.  You will have to figure out if your dad was using an older nextbox tv set top box or the newer Ignite TV set top box.  If he had an older nextbox from a Digital Services account, there is a chance that he owned the nextbox and it would not be returned to Rogers.  At this point it would be electronic trash unless you had a use for it.  There is also the issue of sorting out any cell phone accounts and determining if a cell phone had to be paid off or returned to Rogers.


You can ask the moderators here in the forum to help out with this.  @CommunityHelpsis the group address for the moderators here on the Rogers Forum.  When you're logged into the forum, follow this link to the @CommunityHelps page.  On that page will be a link on the right hand side to Send a Message. Follow that link to the message composition page.  The address will fill in automatically. Fill in the subject and details and when the message is complete, hit Send Message at the bottom.



When you're logged into the forum, look for a number overlaying the envelope symbol at the upper right hand corner.  That will indicate that there's an inbound message for you. Follow that envelope symbol as it serves as a link to the message inbox and outbox.  From the response in the inbox you can then message back and forth as required.


To send anyone else on the forum a message, including @CommunityHelps, hover your mouse over their user name and a popup will appear with a link to send a Private Message. Follow that Private Message link to the message composition page and as before the message addressee will fill in automatically. Fill in the subject and details and hit Send Message when you're ready to send the message.

Re: Long Wait Time

I could add my "tale of woe" to the long list of those from other dissatisfied Rogers customers who have had their phones tied up while they listen to that horrible "elevator" music for ridiculous amounts of time, but I would rather suggest a solution (at least to the "on - hold" problem). UES THE CALL BACK FEATURE that you clearly have so at least folks can get on with their lives while they wait for a possible fix to the "glitchy" rogers services.

Re: Long Wait Time

I'm here a lot

90 minutes into waiting for someone to answer the phone - I dread this call every year...........There should be an on-line way to cancel services - this is getting ridiculous    -   again ..........

Re: Long Wait Time

What is rogers wait time these days. I have been trying to reach a agent for a week now but no luck. How long are we expected to wait on the phone. I have tried 7 different Times. So unacceptable.


Re: Long Wait Time

I plan to stick around
Long wait time. This is just ridiculous..I just call Rogers customer service and am still on hold. The wait time is over an hour. How can a big company like this size let their customers wait for such a long time for service.... online chat still the same...

Re: Long Wait Time

Their prefered method was by phone thats why they called!!!!!!


Re: Long Wait Time

I've been here awhile

This is a forever problem! Nothing has improved. 

Re: Long Wait Time

I've been here awhile
I just signed up for new home internet and needs tech support . I was on hold for 1 hour then got disconnected saying the voice mail is not available . Called again and currently on hold now for an hour now, don’t know when I’ll get someone. Terrible might move back to bell
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