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Billed for old TV & Internet

I plan to stick around

I migrated to the bundled ignite service in August 2022. I was billed for both the ignite service AND my old TV and internet for two months.


I did get a credit for one month of TV service after my first phone call (on my October 2022 bill), but repeated calls since then have produced no results.


I would really appreciate any help you can give me. 


Thank you.



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Re: Billed for old TV & Internet


Good dy @DAJ3,


Thanks for posting the details of your situation to the community! I understand you migrated to our Ignite services over 6 months ago and experience issues with your billing.


Since your services are billed in advance, there may be partial charges on your first bill following the migration for the time period between the start date of services and bill date. As a result, you’ll see charges for two different date ranges: one from the date on which the changes took place until the end of the current billing period, and another for your following billing cycle. However, you should not be double-billed for the same timeframe.


To get a better understanding of the issue, I do have a few questions for you. I believe you mentioned you spoke with our customer service team. Is that right?


If so, were they able to provide an explanation regarding the reason why this took place?


Also, why did the representative agreed to credit you only one month, if you were disputing two?


Looking forward to your reply!



Re: Billed for old TV & Internet

I plan to stick around
I'd speak with customer service. Several times. Each time they seemed to agree that i had been double billed and claimed that the credits would appear in a month or two.

After the first call i did receive one month's credit for the tv bill. No explanation why just the one month's credit.

Repeated calls got the same story of reply. There seemed to be a problem but it worked take a month or two for the changes to appear

Re: Billed for old TV & Internet

Thank you for clarifying. We can look into the missing credit for you and determine if it's pending or if it still needs to be applied.


Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. We'll need to securely gather your account information so that we can look into the history of your account. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




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