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Nasty surprise with Rogers mobile

I've been around

I switched from Bell to Rogers in July, everything, including mobile -- just before going on vacation.  I had always hooked up my phone to wifi -- several of the remote cottage destinations I regularly visit have a rather weak signal strength and the wifi boosts it tremendously.  Even though the sign up with Rogers said I was able to have the wifi boost -- it didn't work as I tried and tried to make it happen.  After speaking to the Rogers helpline, it turns out that you have to have a 'Rogers' phone -- ie. you have to buy the phone from a Rogers plan.  I have a Samsung A13, exactly the same as the one in the Rogers store -- but since I already had it, it did not 'qualify' for the wifi boost.   I call that an immoral shakedown.  The guy on the phone kept trying to sell me a new phone in order to make it work.  I went back to Bell as soon as I got home, and the wifi support was connected just fine with a phone that I purchased at a regular store, not from Bell.  So when Rogers tells you something -- be very careful to find out ALL the pertinent information about eligibility.  It was a very frustrating experience and pretty much ruined my vacation time because I had to keep driving to a 'sweet spot' in order to use the phone and was missing calls throughout!


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Re: Nasty surprise with Rogers mobile


Hello @papapaulsen,


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community! We appreciate you took the time to let us know of you recent experience, since migrating from Bell in July.


To further assist you, I would need a bit more information from you. I hope you don't mind

  • By "WiFi Boost" do you refer to WiFi Calling on the Rogers network with your Bell device?
  • Did you have access to our extended coverage (EXT) for the dead spots, while on vacation?


If you would like us to take a deeper look into this, we'd like the opportunity to do so. Feel free message us privately at @CommunityHelps when you have time, so we can gain access to your account to get a better understanding of the situation.


For more information on how to send us a PM, please check out our blog. Thanks!



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