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Asked by Roger’s to leave and go to Bell

I've been here awhile

Thanks for the years of service. I was sorry to hear from the last customer service agent ( confirm. # i1875424698) that Roger’s no longer wants us as a customer after many years of paying 500 dollars per month. This is due to the fact that our cottage is not near a Roger’s tower and we have to go on the extended network for the 5 weekends a year that we go there. I guess we have to go with Bell because they have towers in our area. This is the first time I’ve been asked to leave a cellular company, usually it’s the contrary and they are trying to attract us away from Roger’s, of course I am too loyal a customer to leave by my own decision. Thanks for the many years of service and all the best to you!




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Re: Asked to leave Roger’s and go to Bell


Greetings @Marko65,

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community! 

We definitely appreciate your loyalty. We wouldn't want to see you move to another carrier and we’re sorry about the negative experience you had with my colleague. We’d love the opportunity to look into your concerns.

Feel free to send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Re: Asked by Roger’s to leave and go to Bell

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Resident Expert

Hello Marko65,


Those are all good points and shows you are an excellent customer.  The agent should have had some manners and NOT said something like "leave and go to Bell" that is unacceptable,


To be honest with you, since there IS NO Rogers Towers where you live, and you are not using Roger's cellular network, what would you like them to do? To be quite honest, they are unable to magically build a tower in your city or town overnight, those things take often a year or more to build and regulatory approval from different levels of government.    If  you live OUTSIDE of Rogers Wireless coverage, then unfortunately I hate to break it to you but changing providers IS the only way out.


You are lucky they even have an EXT network, back in the day when I went up north and Rogers had no coverage but Bell or Telus had coverage in the area I was travelling to, I had NO SERVICE on my phone could not even make a call or text or anything, yes it really sucked.

I am really sorry to see you leave but unfortunately since Rogers has no coverage where you are located you must do the right thing and sign up for a carrier that provides coverage in your home area.

Re: Asked by Roger’s to leave and go to Bell

I plan to stick around

FYI, yesterday I was basicalky told the same thing by a Rogers customer service rep: switch carriers 

 I spend time at my cottage in the summer but the rest of the year I'm in a Rogers coverage area

Short periods of extended coverage use over the full year should not mean being locked out for a full 90 days. Like others have noted, we pay enough for Rogers as it is.

Re: Asked by Roger’s to leave and go to Bell

I'm a trusted contributor

If you have Roaming enabled on your device.  You should be able to domestically roam on to a Bell/Telus tower as mandated by the CRTC.  

As a customer who left Rogers back in 2016 because Kyle, a Rogers Office of the President employee at the time, told me that I had to give up my grandfathered plans to paly a higher cost or go else where if I could find something cheaper.  Well, I found cheaper at the time and took my 5 lines to Telus.  I don't know why Rogers feels the need to push customers away.  Especially good customers, but recently, I bright my 5 lines back to Rogers from Telus because Bell/Telus have outright blocked devices not sold them from using VoLTE, 5G, roaming, WiFi Calling, and even 911 service in order to force customers into purchasing their over priced devices.  Pick your poison carefully!  As a customer who is not loyal to any company.  Companies only seem to care about signing up new customers.  Once they have you and have you locked into some agreement.  They quickly start treating you like trash.  

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