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Cannot View Data Usage on App or Browser

I'm here a lot

I am constantly getting this error on multiple browsers.


You don't seem to have that product

We’re sorry, we can’t give you the information you requested as it seems you are not currently enrolled in that product.

If you would like to add products and services, visit our Shop section
It prevents me from checking my plans and data usage.  
Any suggestions?
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Re: Cannot View Data Usage on App or Browser

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey @jdf!


Thanks so much for bringing this MyRogers issue to our attention. I'm sorry to hear you're unable to review your usage! We can definitely assist with this. It's likely that the account number associated with your service is not linked and that's something that can be sorted through support. 


Have you spoken to support yet / confirmed the linked account number?


Keep us posted, thanks!



Re: Cannot View Data Usage on App or Browser

I plan to stick around

Hi... I have the same issue - I cannot see my daily High speed internet usage - I am on Ignite Wifi / TV with unlimited.  I was told by a tech that because its unlimited, I cannot see the daily usage stats, but that doesnt really make sense.  I understand why there would be no usage Alerts maybe, but you should be able to view your daily usage?  I recall that last month before a tech came out to change my ignite modem for a new one, I was seeing the daily usage on the website and in the app.  now I just see zero usage each day... please help.




Re: Cannot View Data Usage on App or Browser

Greetings @pmacpherson68,


Thanks for your post! 


Although having unlimited internet is a plus, I know that some folks still like to see what their usage looks like each day. May I please clarify, did you just switch from legacy internet to our Ignite internet construct and get the new XB6 modem? 


I am also on an Ignite TV bundle with unlimited internet and when I check my own profile online, I too only see the monthly usage and not the daily usage (it is blank). I will try to locate more info on why this is happening and will post an update here once I get any further details!


Kind regards,


Re: Cannot View Data Usage on App or Browser

Hi RogersLaura, That is correct. I do have a different modem with the Rogers ignite tv package then I used to have with the unlimited internet + digital tv. I started with the ignite tv in early December and I recall I was seeing the daily usage stats in that billing cycle but after the new one started in January that is when I noticed this new behavior.

Thank you and look forward to a resolution hopefully
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