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Shoddy Connection/No Connection Toronto

I've been here awhile

Brand New Ignite 3 days ago. Same issues as older modem. All week I’ve been having what started as intermittent connection and now now connection yet a Green Light flashes away.!I unplugged and reset many times. Yesterday morning in woke up had a call with the President’s Office and the thing magically went steady white for most of the afternoon🙄then around 7:30pm last night the thing lost connection and has been flashing Green since. On various social media others in Toronto are indeed having issues, yet Rogers has only confirmed the very recent cut wires only grossly affected North York region. I’ve been following Down Detector and it shows a blue line that’s been subpar for most of the week in my area constantly duping near or below the red line and at times it has been Yellow with the ! which means no service. Why are WE the PEOPLE suffering — even the Rogers techs haven’t a clue. I’m sure this has something to do with what many describe as a system overload in densely populated areas, whereas Bell’s Fibre Optic is more sustainable for densely populated areas.


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Re: Shoddy Connection/No Connection Toronto

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I assume that when you say that your older modem was giving you the same problems (as your new Ignite system), you are referring to a previous legacy modem (Hitron, or whatever).

I also assume that you were told that if you switched to Ignite, you would probably have better service (which is rarely true).

The reason the techs seem clueless at the moment is probably because you are still near the beginning of the journey to get things working properly.

What's surprising is that you already have an Office of the Pres. agent working on your behalf, acting as a liaison between all the various employees working on your case.

Since you are experiencing various problems, and reporting back and forth with Rogers, you might begin to feel like an unpaid employee. But that's what you are now, so while you wait for a resolution, take some time to familiarize yourself with your new Ignite system (when it's periodically working), and perhaps post some of your modem diagnostics to @CommunityHelps, or here in this thread, so that the brilliant Resident Experts can analyze them, and then make suggestions as to how you or the technicians coming to your home or area, can improve the various problems that you might be experiencing.

Hopefully, things will soon improve, or else you can always try Bell's Internet service (if it's available in your area), depending on how desperate you are to gamble on another provider's service (which could also be far from perfect).

Disclaimer: Currently, I only have Rogers Legacy digital tv service, but when I had Rogers Legacy Internet (withHitron modem) it worked wonderfully well.

Re: Shoddy Connection/No Connection Toronto

I've been here awhile

The link about talks about latency and basic connectivity issues of our time.



This one is to test for latency. This afternoon, mine was as high at 324 😮 It's like a golf score so 324 ain't getting anyone into the PGA nor will it get you off the course at all. You'd be best to stick to putting.


Anyway, most of our congestion issues are basically as simple as congested broadband wires. Had a great convo with one of my 80 some year old client this afternonn about the good old telephone wires in the early days where everyone could listen into your conversation. Very similar situation here and Rogers does have access to all of our data which is not really what I've signed up for. The worst thing here is that NOT ONE Rogers staff has ever fessed up to this basic wire congestion issue when I've called in, let alone offer a solution. So, I did a search on the basic education level required to be a Rogers Tech. I had thought that the techs would at least have to have some kind of computer science backgroud...and sadly they do not. Nor, does Rogers attempt to educate their staff. I've read the training was always not that great and more recently due to budget cuts, it's become quite poor. Tony Staffieri really needs to take a closer look into his company and build a plan to improve this or more folks are simply going to continue to leave. It's too stressful to be attached to a company like this that sucks so much out of it's loyal, longtime and of course, paying customers.  There are so many options out there right now far beyond Bell. I've learned so much since the email outage in March and now with the recent connectivity issues, I've got an army of neighbours, friends and colleagues working to find US ALL solutions beyond the big Red and the Blue.


See the link below to learn about Last Mile Internet. It is becomming the up and runner  to the big old Red and Blue monopolies.


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