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Rogers techs want signal levels to be >0 dBmV?

I plan to stick around



I have somewhat of an academic question about my Rogers Ignite service with Arris XB6 modem (used in bridged mode). I had some issues on my line and it required a technician visit. It turns out my downstream signal was below -10 dBmV. I had had legacy cable before so there were a couple of splits in the line (with proper Rogers-supported Antronix splitters) to accommodate the legacy cable boxes. At the time my signal levels were fine, but more recently I guess something in my neighbourhood changed, and with those splitters in place I was getting low signal. 


The tech removed all the splitters, which made the signal strength too strong. He then added a 6 dB attenuator at the modem. Here are my stats today:


Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 12.22.45 PM.png


One thing the tech said surprised me. He said the techs like to have all the downstream signal levels above 0 (but below 10). Why would that be? I had thought the best spot would be closest to 0, whether that's a - or a + number.


I realize my stats are fine, but what's the reasoning for setting all the levels above 0? To put it another way, why a 6 dB attenuator rather than say a 9 or 10 dB attenuator?


BTW, is there anywhere on this modem that shows modem uptime? I couldn't find that anywhere.




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Re: Rogers techs want signal levels to be >0 dBmV?


Hello @EugW1!


I'll do my best to answer your questions but please keep in mind that I'm not a field tech. Your question definitely would have been best to ask then and there of the tech. This question reminded me that we haven't had an AMA in awhile so I'll raise that in our next meeting and perhaps we can get a field tech to come onto the forums to answer some questions for our tech savvy customers. 🙂


The downstream range we want to hit within is -9dBmV to +10dBmV. I was also under the impression that closest to 0 is most ideal as well. It could be that our field techs are learning these modems operate better in the positive signal as they gain experience troubleshooting issues with them.



To check your uptimes go through the following menus: Connection > Status > Rogers Network > View


Hope that helps!





Re: Rogers techs want signal levels to be >0 dBmV?

I plan to stick around

Thanks for the reply.


Regarding the uptime, I now understand my mistake. It lists system uptime, not internet connection uptime. The modem status reads an uptime of 6 days and change, but the tech came a couple of days ago and the internet connection was down while he was adjusting the wiring. However, he didn't actually unplug the power to the modem, so technically the modem was still "up". It all makes sense now.


However, is there a status somewhere that shows internet connection uptime?

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