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Ignite Internet Offline

I've Been Here Awhile

My ignite internet has been disconnected since Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021. The service has been disrupted for 4 days the week before that, more than 10 days in January and more than 10 days last December. The outage this wednesday has been the worst and I assume to be the direct result of rogers contractors digging in front of me who by the way, claimed they were contractors for rogers.
We have been reaching out to technical support but we always get the canned answer that we have been prioritized for service and will receive a call to confirm. Their agents promise anything just to get you off the line. 3 people we spoke to promised calls to send techs today. Caught them lying as the last one I called confirmed no request was made for today to send techs. Elevated the problem to a supervisor who again, promised to prioritize. As usual, told me to wait for a call to confirm if techs were coming knowing all too well that techs have been scheduled by their leisure.
The downtime was caused by Rogers. They did not even warn us of the maintenance !
When even the supervisor is lying to us...whom are we supposed to get help from now?


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Re: Ignite Internet Offline

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Reading through this was quite a painful experience :(, I can only imagine the level it's caused you thus far. That's way too long to be without service and a disheartening circumstance overall. We would be love to take a look into what's actually going on for you. To do so please send us a PM @CommunityHelps so we can take a look and communicate with the necessary parties to see this resolved for you. We want nothing more than to see your service back up and running asap.


You can read more about how to PM on our blog here.



Re: Ignite Internet Offline

I've Been Here Awhile

I did that...never got a reply.

Tech came with a temp fix though and said they will be back by spring to do another round of digging.

I specifically asked for a refund for all the downtime....that is probably why nobody cared to answer me.


Re: Ignite Internet Offline

I've Been Here Awhile

So I tried to chat online to get some help....

This is what I get....This is what I get....

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