Rogers IPV6 gateway not ping-able

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Rogers IPV6 gateway not ping-able

I just finished setting up IPv6 on my pfSense Firewall in preparation for Ignite TV which I will be installing soon (I was reading through the forums and I read IPv6 was required for Ignite TV). 


I finished the configuration, rebooted pfSense and ran the IPv6test and passed, however the gateway address that pfSense has received is not ping-able, it seems like just a cosmetic issue however I do find it annoying to see this on my dashboard


See Image below:




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Re: Rogers IPV6 gateway not ping-able

Hello, @stepy2015


Thanks so much for posting your concern to the community!


I am confident there are members of the community who can provide you with some insight on this matter. 


If there are any Ignite TV users that are also using a pfSense Firewall please feel free to chime in. 🙂