Whole home networking - MOCA? - Ethernet port of Cisco NextGen boxes?

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Whole home networking - MOCA? - Ethernet port of Cisco NextGen boxes?

OK, I've been spoiled and currently live in a newer home that has CAT-6 run to all the rooms in the house from a central location in the basement. I've wired up Ubiquiti gear on all levels and have excellent internet throughout the house.


I'm moving to a new house that is older and has Co-Ax run to each of the rooms in the house but no CAT-6. I'm looking to get good wireless internet to all levels in the house and am exploring options.


#1 - Powerline adapters


Forget it. I've played around with these and have always been disappointed in the performance.


#2 - Ethernet port on Cisco NextGen boxes?


Does anybody know if these are active on the Cisco boxes and if so will they assign an IP from the CableModem to anything that is plugged into a set top box? If so what is the speed you can get back to the modem.


#3 - ActionTec MOCA adapters?


This seems like my best best. These adapters claim to support 1Gpbs and from what I've been reading the performance is very very good. They are a little pricey and I figure I'm going to need a total of 4 adapters? I'm thinking my wiring would look like this:


Cable line into house -> MOCA filter -> MOCA adapter -> Coax into Cable Modem / Ethernet into switch


In theory then in each room where I want an access point I just do:


Coax into MOCA adapter -> Coax into set top box (if I want one in that room) / Ethernet into access point


That sound reasonable?



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Re: Whole home networking - MOCA? - Ethernet port of Cisco NextGen boxes?

Greetings and welcome to our Community @darryldale!


Have you considered either hiring a contractor or spending the time yourself to fish CAT-6 through your walls?


If you're planning on living in this new home for quite some time, you may appreciate going the extra mile to set up things just like you had them in your previous home.


I know that's my ultimate plan. 🙂




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Re: Whole home networking - MOCA? - Ethernet port of Cisco NextGen boxes?

I agree with RogersCorey.

The BEST way would be to fish your own RJ45 Ethernet wires to each room you require. Its a lot of work but RJ45 is the Best and most reliable internet connection to use. I tried powerline converters and Moca Converters in the past, they may work, but they definitely can have problems if your house has older hydro wires or coax wires.

If you can not do it yourself, sometimes you can hire a professional to fish the wires, yes it costs money, its not something Rogers can do for you, and its also increases the value of your home and makes it future proofed, but it will pay off in the long term.

My dad is enjoying having a reliable trouble free Ethernet connection to his TV set in his living room/family room, where as all his neighbors do NOT have structured wiring and are getting a lot of WiFi signal dropouts on their wireless devices and set top boxes.