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Network device usage monitoring

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This is a shot in the dark, but figured I'd ask.   Is there any type of firmware that can be installed on the modem to monitor device usage?   I have intermittent issues where TV begins to lag,  and although I can see which devices are connected,  I'd like to have visibility on actual device usage seeing as I see spikes on bandwidth usage, but I have no idea which devices could be causing it.   


I've gone through the whole process of elimination as well with connecting one device at a time, but the pattern isn't consistent so when it happens I'd like a real-time view of which device could be hogging all the bandwidth on my home network. 


Any tools / utilities out there that can be installed directly on the modem or PC?



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Re: Network device usage monitoring

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YOu would need to have something like a managed network switch or a router that supports monitoring. The current modems do not have a way to do this.
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