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Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I've Been Here Awhile

Ignite 300U getting only like 50-60 MB’s speed


My internet has been unreliable for 3 years. I’ve called multiple times to Rogers and they send a technician they improve the speed then it goes back again. It’s a constant issue and I’m getting very frustrated with it. How do I get a long term reliable speed which is what I paid for?



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Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet


Greetings @Wisamster1,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums, we hope you've been keeping safe and well! 🙂


I understand that having a slow or laggy internet connection would not make for the greatest experience.


If possible, can you kindly copy and paste your Downstream/Upstream table here for us so we can see what's going on? You can get this information by logging into your modem and heading to the STATUS > DOCSIS WAN tab. Please be sure to leave out any private information when you post. 


Thank you kindly!


Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Wisamster1 wrote:

Ignite 300U getting only like 50-60 MB’s speed

50/60 MB is 400/480 mbps, which is more than you're paying for.  Or are you saying you only get 50-60 mbps  1B = 8b.  I have Rogers 300U and reliably get 400-500 mbps on a wired connection. Are you using WiFi or hard wired for the test?  Which test site are you using?  Which device(s) are you using?  Phone?  Tablet?  Computer?  Try:

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I've Been Here Awhile
I meant 50-60 mbps. I’m using wifi to test the speed but I’m sitting right beside my router. I use ookla for speed test and using my iPhone.

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I've Been Here Awhile

Slow internet speed since receiving white modem.


Rogers installed a new modem (big white box) back earlier this year. Ever since, my internet has been slow like 2.5 mbps, and I'm paying for the Ignite 300 package. My upload speeds are fast at like 22.4 mbps still for some reason

I have called multiple times, a technician came and couldn't do more because they couldn't go into the house because of COVID-19. My wife keeps getting text messages that Rogers is working on the problem but it hasn't been resolved yet.

The one person was able to reset something and my speeds were good, but then the technician came to bury the wire and my speeds went back to garbage. Every other call has been less than helpful telling me to call back in a few weeks.

The call today they sent a technician but they're out of stock of the white modems, and the technician told me to call Rogers directly and have them send it to me. Called them, and they are sending me a replacement modem but it's going to take 4-6 weeks and I need solid internet for work.

Does anyone have any idea what I could try? 

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

@gooback are you seeing the slow data rates over ethernet as well?  I'm wondering if this is a cable signal issue which would affect both ethernet and wifi datarates, or if its a wifi issue on its own?


If you have the time and patience for it,


1.  Can you log into the modem and determine what Software (firmware) version is loaded.  That is shown on the STATUS page which is displayed when you log into the modem; and


2.  Navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN tab and copy the entire signal level table, starting with the Downstream Overview line, all the way to the very bottom right hand corner of the bottom OFDMA/OFDM section of the data table.  Select that entire data block, right click .... Copy.  Then in a post, right click .... Paste.  That should paste in the table as is displayed in the modem's user interface. 


Ignore the data that resides above the Downstream Overview line as that is specific to the modem and shouldn't be posted in an open forum. 

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I've Been Here Awhile

Yeah unfortunately the numbers I provided are over ethernet.


Here's the version


Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
OFDM Downstream Overview
ReceiverFFT typeSubcarr 0 Frequency(MHz)PLC lockedNCP lockedMDC1 lockedPLC power(dBmv)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandwidth
130596000ATDMA - 64QAM35.75036400000
236996000ATDMA - 64QAM36.00046400000
322100000ATDMA - 64QAM37.00013200000
425300000ATDMA - 64QAM38.50023200000
Channel IndexStatelin Digital AttDigital AttBW (sc's*fft)Report PowerReport Power1_6FFT Size

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

@gooback here's the DOCSIS 3.0 signal levels.  The chart has to be approved by one of the moderators, so, that won't happen until later this morning.  


@gooback signal levels.png


That plot should be a flat line at 0 dBmV (the bottom of the plot).  As you can see, there is a considerable ramp up from 279 Mhz up to 579 Mhz, then it drops like a rock.  So, the signal levels are all high and they no doubt exceed the minimum to maximum allowable difference.  


Now, fwiw, the modem doesn't use those channels as it uses the DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM channel for the downstream data.  The Physical Link Channel power doesn't look out of line, but, looking at the plot for the DOCSIS 3.0 channels, there is no doubt that a ramp up occurs.  The OFDM channel runs within the 300 to 500 Mhz range, so, my guess is that either there is a modem issue (rare) or there is a signal level issue with the neighbourhood node.  There shouldn't be such a huge ramp up followed by an extreme drop.  The signal levels at the neighbourhood node ramp up from that 279 Mhz start point all the way to the end channel, and that is done to counteract the signal losses in the cable system, from the neighbourhood node all the way to the modem.  The end result, if all of the cabling, connectors and in between equipment are operating properly, is a flat line, or reasonably flat line at 0 dBmV.  


Ok, what to do.  Send a message to @CommunityHelps which is for @RogersAndy to action.  Log into your modem and copy the HFC MAC address line, including the data and paste that into a message for @RogersAndy to use to track down your modem.  That will allow Andy to look at the OFDM channel data to see whats really going on.  That channel data isn't available in the user interface, which is really unfortunate. 


To use the message system, when you're logged into the forum, use the link for @CommunityHelps,  Follow that link to the public page for the moderators.  On that page is a link to "Send this user a private message".  Follow that link to the message composition page.  Fill in the subject, the details including the HFC MAC address from the modem, ask him to check your modem signal levels, specifically the OFDM channel data and hit send.  I don't know when Andy will be on duty next, so it could be a day or two before he responds.  


When you're logged into the forum, watch for a number overlaying your avatar at the top right hand corner.  That will indicate an inbound message or other .....   Use that avatar, its a link, and follow it down to your message inbox to see any response.  


My personal thoughts are that you're fighting with a signal level problem generated at the neighbourhood node.  You'll know soon enough when you install the inbound modem.  A tech should be able to examine the OFDM channel data and then look at your neighbours data to see if there is a common problem or if the issue is restricted to your cable line.  I suspect there's a larger issue afoot.  I don't believe that a contractor tech can do anything with the neighbourhood node.  That's the responsibility of a Senior (Rogers) tech or a maintenance crew.  


Hope this helps.


Edit: I've sent you a link to download the chart from  Check your inbound messages as indicated above to download the chart. 

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I've Been Here Awhile

We recently upgraded to Rogers Ignite at 500Mbps down and have been struggling to achieve speeds anywhere close to that. Most of the problems are on wireless devices. When running speed tests the results are typically between 10 and 50Mbps even when standing right beside the router. Prior to upgrading we had a Hitron modem with Rogers and had similar issues. Any advice or help on this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

Hello @NewCastle123,


Welcome to the Community!


I can imagine how inconvenient speed issues can be. We can help diagnose the issue and find a solution for you. Can you log in to the modem and post the Downstream, Upstream and OFDM sections from the Status/DOCSIS WAN page? Please make sure you edit out any private information when you post.





Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I've Been Here Awhile
The table from the upstream section on this modem dosent paste very well but I hope you can understand what it means. I remember on the old modem I had, the white Hitron one, the exact sections you asked for were in a menu but in this modem it’s a little different.

Lock Status
Symbol Rate
2560 KSym/sec
5120 KSym/sec
5120 KSym/sec
5120 KSym/sec
Power Level
Channel Type

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I pay for 500u and the fastest speeds I have ever seen is about 150Mpbs.  I was told originally it is because I lived in an apartment and everyone else's signal is interrupting mine, but now I live in a house and guess what?  Same issue!  I even have 2 pods to boost the signal to the upstairs and the downstairs, but when my kids are both on their gaming consoles, I have to find something else to do that doesn't involve the internet.  But when a technician shows up everything is fine.  Very frustrating.

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

@Frustrated741 wrote:

1. I pay for 500u and the fastest speeds I have ever seen is about 150Mpbs. 

3. I even have 2 pods to boost the signal to the upstairs and the downstairs,

4. But when a technician shows up everything is fine.  Very frustrating.

1. Are you talking about a wired Ethernet connection directly to the modem/gateway from a computer?  That's the only way typically to get 500, although some new devices might get close to that that over WiFi.

2. If you're talking about WiFi, there are numerous factors that play into the speed you get in various areas of your home.

3. The pods will never deliver 500.  Although they might theoretically reach 150-200, a more typical number is 100 or so.

4.  You say the technician gets what you pay for.  How is that accomplished?  Are you able to corroborate his numbers on your equipment while he's there?

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

I'm an Enthusiast
What is jitter and does it affect gaming? What can I do to lower the jitter I use to be in 3 -10 for jitter now I’m getting 22- 30 in jitter what has changed I’m on the coda modem

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

Greetings @lethalsniper!


Jitter is essentially your ping time variation range. A low jitter means that your ping times are stable and consistent. If you have high jitter, this means your ping times have a high variation and this will exhibit itself as an inconsistent connection in gaming as your packets would have wildly different ping times.


A high jitter can cause lag spikes and rubber banding in games.





Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

And how do I lower the jitter ? I mean I use to get lower jitter till this new firmware .33 has been released nothing has changed settings all the same .

Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

It would depend upon the source of the jitter. If it's happening on our network side, then there isn't much that you can personally do about it. We'd have to troubleshoot and then submit an escalation to have it investigated further.


I would recommend removing third party networking equipment and performing a direct connection to ensure that this jitter isn't happening due to an internal network issue.




Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

Hi RogersZia,


I am having the same issue with my Ignite 300U.   Max download speed is around 95mbps.     


What can be done to help fix this ongoing speed issue.



Re: Very Slow Speeds on Ignite 300u Internet

Greetings @MrSicilian!


I can assist with troubleshooting a speed issue, I'll just need to gather your account information in private first so I can run some diagnostics on your connection.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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