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Moved to Ignite - can't access rogers email

I've been around

I moved to ignite yesterday (from previous Rogers Internet), since then I can't access email through my Mac computer running Sonoma 14.1.2 

Keep getting the message 

We can't sign you in right now

To prevent unauthorized account access, sign-in attempts are being blocked for now. Try again in an hour with this device and browser. 

I can access mail through both my iphone and ipad, so the password is good.

I can get through entering my password, and the verification code - then it says it can't authenticate me and the message above comes up - I can wait the hour and the whole thing starts again.

Tried deleting the account and reinstalling - can't.  Also tried setting up in Outlook - same thing.

Has anyone else experienced this?  How did you fix it?  Thanks



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Re: Moved to Ignite - can't access rogers email

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@diygirl64 : Here are my comments.  Hope they help.


1. You may wish to search this forum for "app password" or similar terms for previous threads on the topic.

2. If your app PW was "lost" during the process or when you deleted the account, you will not be able to get a new app PW, period. This started in early March 2023 and we are not expecting a fix.

3. The Apple Mail e-mail client on a computer requires an app PW and if it was "lost" you will not be able to use Apple Mail on your computer, unless you have a means to recover the app PW (from a backup) and insert it into the appropriate part of your Mail account settings.

4. The latest version of Outlook does not require an app PW, so that would work, however, if you do not have the latest version, you are again out of luck and will need to get it (MS365, or Outlook latest).  If you used Outlook and have backup, you may do as I stated above for Mail.  See my post on Outlook below:


5. The apps on your iPhone and iPad do not require an app PW. That's why they work.

6. Since the apps on your devices work, I'm assume you can utilize Webmail on your computer/browser, although that certainly isn't a good replacement for an e-mail client.

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