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Modem Suddenly Blocking Website

I've been around

I have Rogers ignite modem/router and all of a sudden we do not have access to website

I have logged into the modem/gateway and there are no parental controls that have been added.

Model: CGM4140COM. Any ideas how to stop websites being blocked without any parental controls on? 

There doesn't seem to be a safe list that I can add website too.




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Re: Modem Suddenly Blocking Website

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

It might help to provide the URL of where you are trying to connect to.
Others on rogers can check if they are able to, which at least might help narrow it down.

What DNS are you using?
Are you just using the rogers DNS with your router?
I wonder if its a routing or just plain DNS issue with that site?
Since you are using a 3rd party router, you should be easily be able to change the DNS.
You could try and put in the google DNS, and see if your able to access.

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