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Internet service is horrible

I've been around

I have been a Rogers customer for about three decades between internet and phone plans. I have experienced outages to my internet frequently, the latest one still ongoing and lasting over 24 hours at this point. I constantly have problems with my internet such as freezes, lag, etc. all of which I know are due to poor internet service because all my computers are either built with excellent parts or have been purchased in the last year. 


I have been told there is no ETA on when my internet will be back. I've been offered 0 compensation for all the poor internet service I've been provided. I have been told that since I have a Legacy plan that that is the reason I am experiencing poor internet and I must upgrade to get better service. Why is it that customers who have been loyal to the company are expected to deal with poor service then unless they upgrade? Shouldn't it be the case that customers with Loyalty plans are told that they will experience degradation of their internet service? Shouldn't they be offered some sort of fix or solution? I really have no idea why I show loyalty to this company despite my experiences over the year. I am giving Rogers one more shot with Ignite and if the service doesn't improve I'm going elsewhere. The service and support I've received as a customer has just been abysmal with Rogers. 


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Re: Internet service is horrible

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Resident Expert

@LaVie1  Try following these tips for troubleshooting slow or intermittent Internet connectivity:


Feel free to post your signal levels.


You can also try to get help from the @CommunityHelps  team by sending them a private message.

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