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Internet Speed issues

I'm here a lot

Just wondering if there's some network level speed/latency problems. For past 2-3 days something has slowed down page loading on internet and on Ignite streaming a Netflix show the broadcast is highly pixelated.


This is not a minute to minute seems to come and go, except I have noticed around 5-7 pm AST the effect is prominent.


I repeat, that this is a recent issue over past few days - never have seen the same effect since I switched from Bell to Rogers.


I've gone through a number of online checks and nothing offers a solution. I did reboot the Wifi will now observe for any positive effect over next day or two....but 1st - has anyone had similar issues as of late that may reflect a system/network issue??


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Re: Internet Speed issues


Hello, @ByetheSea


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for posting your issue. We know how important it is to have fast speeds.


Are you connecting only via Wi-Fi or do you have any devices that are connected via Ethernet that experience slow speeds?


Please review the following support document and provide us with the signal level table: click here.


We look forward to reviewing your results.



Re: Internet Speed issues

Thanks for reply!


The TV set boxes are via Wi-Fi. My iMac is ethernet wired.


I tryed the list of steps...and I don't have creds for a "Gateway" access??? 

Re: Internet Speed issues

Hello again, @ByetheSea


Thanks for those additional details. The Username should be Admin, the password will be your current WiFi password.


Could you also provide us with a ping test and a traceroute? You can find the exact steps on how to do the tests here


Please post the results for us here to review.



Re: Internet Speed issues

Hi RogersTony,


Appreciate support to this point.


I remain perplexed by why I can't access the hub via the admin/wifi password process as outlined from the source you provided (below) - it simply will not accept my password ( I tested my password to ensure validity):


Step 4: Log in To Your Modem!
This step is a lot simpler than it might seem and once you know what to expect and know what you’re looking for, you’ll be prepared to identify issues if they become visible!

  • Open up your preferred browser (Chrome is recommended) and navigate to this url:
    If you have an IgniteTV XB6 modem however, navigate to  


I used the Ignite WIFI HUB app on my cell - no issues accessing - I ran the test and for all connected devices I get "Strong' wifi link.


Now onto the Ping test:


Here are the outlined steps:


Performing a Ping test in Mac OS X

  1. Launch Network Utility (Search Network Utility in Spotlight and choose the first option)
  2. Click the Ping option in the top menu
  3. Enter the network address to ping:
  4. Select and enter: Send only “50” pings 
  5. Click Ping at the bottom right
  6. Select the Ping Statistics results at the bottom of the window below, and then right-click and
  7. select Copy or press COMMAND+C to copy the text.
  8. Provide the Ping Statistics results (bottom 3 lines) in the Forums or to Support for analysis



On my iMac system I can find no "Network Utility" in spotlight searching tool through 'Finder'. I accessed 'Launchpad' to access tools / utilities (eg Activity Monitor, System Information and Terminal) - none seem to offer any 'ping' option.


I'm challenged and somewhat perplexed that I can't seem to meet your instructions. Sorry about that!!


Re: Internet Speed issues

Good morning @ByetheSea!


If you're unable to run the diagnostics we need, then I'd like to run some tests from here to gain a better understanding of what's happening with your connection.


Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




Re: Internet Speed issues

I did a follow to my 1st reply with test result info...have a peek at that.


Thanks very much!

Re: Internet Speed issues

...did some deeper dig on 'the how to pin'


Here's ping summary:

--- ping statistics ---

50 packets transmitted, 50 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 24.073/26.995/35.124/2.313 ms


And here's traceout report:


traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

1 (  1.339 ms  1.283 ms  1.632 ms

2 (  11.822 ms  11.724 ms  13.243 ms

3 (  10.730 ms  13.619 ms  11.895 ms

4 (  16.089 ms  13.299 ms  15.712 ms

5 (  27.896 ms  27.266 ms  27.105 ms

6 (  29.383 ms  30.057 ms  32.774 ms

7  * * *

8  * * *

9 (  28.085 ms (  32.572 ms (  29.819 ms

Re: Internet Speed issues

Hi again @ByetheSea!


The test results you're providing here aren't showing any discernable issues. Please PM us as I've instructed in my above post so that I can run some tests from my end.


Thank you.




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