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Ignite TV Internet - Google devices connection issues

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi everyone,
I've spent a good chunk of time on the phone with Rogers support attpting to resolve this, but haven't found a fix yet. Hoping someone here might be able to help...

I recently upgraded to the Rogers gigabit internet from 150 and immediately started having issues with my google devices.

I have 2 Google homes and 2 chromecasts.

After we upgraded, the devices were having issues connecting to the network. Sometimes the devices would be found, other times they would not. When the devices were found, it would take a long time for it to respond/begin streaming.

I factory reset all the Google products, now they won't connect at all. I've tried rebooting the router, renaming the wifi network, and gone through the settings on the router. Nothing seems to work..

I had another google home that was still in the box and I did not have a problem connecting with that one.
I also tried using my phone as a hotspot, and one of the old google homes connected to that fine.

Anyone know why my old google products that were working fine, don't like the new network?


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Re: Ignite TV Internet - Google devices connection issues


Hello, @thatguy34324234.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting Google devices connections issues; it's quite puzzling. It may not be related to upgrading the Internet package as the upgrade will not change any configuration on the modem. 


Did you upgrade the modem while upgrading the Internet package? Do you have the CODA-4582 modem?


I appreciate all the troubleshooting you have done so far, have you tried doing the factory reset on the modem yet?


Keep us posted. 








Re: Ignite TV Internet - Google devices connection issues

Cannot Connect to Google Services on Home Internet Network


We had the Rogers installed on Saturday, April 13, 2019 and can't connect our 2 home minis to the wifi.  We have spent hours trying to figure it out and reset both home minis.  No luck on connecting.  A technician was here on another matter and he couldn't get them to connect to the wifi.  He even tried using the Google Home App on his phone in case it was our phone that was creating the problem.   We got to the Configuration Stage and after a few minutes the screen said "unable to authenticate".  We are seniors and not very tech savy.

Can someone please give us some direction to fix this.

Re: Ignite TV Internet - Google devices connection issues

Hi RogersMoin,


My modem was upgraded in the process.  I now have the Technicolor CGM4140COM.

Re: Ignite TV Internet - Google devices connection issues

Good evening @User8220 & @thatguy34324234,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thanks for posting @User8220! I'm all about home automation. I had a similar issue connecting one of my Smart Switches to my Mesh network. After some troubleshooting, I figured out the Switch was connecting to the 2.4G and my phone was connecting to the 5G network. I had to turn off bandsteering to connect it, then I was able to enable it again.


To explain it further, the Rogers Ignite Modem offers default bandsteering, which automatically connects your devices to the Wi-Fi network with the strongest signal under one Wi-Fi name instead of having a different name for the 2.4G Wi-Fi network and the 5G Wi-Fi network. 


As a troubleshooting step, I'd like to give this a try. Below are the steps on how to turn off bandsteering.


1. While connected to your Wi-Fi network, open an internet browser on your computer or device. 
2. Enter and hit Enter. 
3. Sign in with the following credentials:
◦ Username: Admin 
◦ Password: Your Wi-Fi password or default “password” 

4. Select Gateway
5. Select Connection
6. Select Status
7. Select Edit for the 5G Wi-Fi network and add -5G to the end of your Wi-Fi name.



8. Save the changes.


Once this is done, try doing the setup again. If successful, you may want to turn bandsteering back on. Just follow the same steps above and remove the -5G you added and save the changes.


Please let us know how you make out!